Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma

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This past week my sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma.  After a quick check at time of biopsy 1 node that was suspect seem to be clean.  Her cancer is so large that they feel like there would not be enough cancer free tissue to cover the hole after the lung is removed. Team of doctors will meet Tuesday to determine a course of action.  This is a hard time for our family.  8 years ago our mother died from lung cancer after a 5 year battle.  Also at is time I have just completed treatment for Anal Cancer.  Would appreciate anyone who has been through this type of lung cancer to share your experiences with us.  She is my rock and I would do anything to help her through this.  Thank you for any feedback.


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    Stage 2 Adenocarcinoma

    Hi Lime Flamingo,

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma in August 2012. Since my cancer was inoperable as it had metastized to my abdomen I went through 4 treatments of chemo of 3 drugs Carboplatin, Pemetrexed and Bevacizumab every three weeks until the beginning of Nov 2012. I was tested for the EGFR gene mutation and stated Tarceva at the end Nov 2012. My only side effect so far has been diarrhea which is controlled with Immodium. So far the results have been good.

    Be your sisters rock: when she wants to cry let her cry, laugh, talk, shop what ever it is just let it all be OK. I have found a new out look on life now that I know I'm terminally ill. I quite my job and went on Social Security disability. My kids told me to spend their inheritence how ever I wanted. I bought new living room furniture. Went on a cruise to the Bahamas with family and had a blast. Tomorrow leave for Williams Az to take a train to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon and 3 days in Las Vegas (love twinkling lights). I plan to live life as best I can for as long as I can.

    I hope your sister is a viable candidate for Tarceva as it has done wonders to shrink my tumors. I know it is hard to go through this cancer battle since you have already been thorugh so much. My sister passed away June 2012 of breast cancer and two months later I was told of my stage 4 lung cancer. This may sound crazy but I believe my sister was looking out for me as my angel in heaven. She is doing a fantastic job so far.

    Keep us posted on your sisters prgress. I will say a prayer for her.



    Gods grace is good.

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    In Oct of 2010 I was told I had 10-15 months to live.  That's more than 2.5 years and I am not slowing down.  

    One thing I want you to know about stage two cancer is that it is treatable And curable. They may want to remove the lobe or the lung and consider treatment finished.  There are too many people out there with stage four cancer who had been told the surgery at stage one or two was all they needed.  Insist on adjuvant chemo to mop up any cancer cells that might be floating around.  My best to you and wishes for a great recovery.