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be positive

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im 33 yrs old just had a tumor removed last wk from my kidney the pathology was cancer...caught early the surgery should have completely cured me and yearly scans will be needed to keep eye on it....my girlfriend was diagnosed w/ breast cancer after new yrs at 35 yrs old and just finished 8th and final chemo and in few wks will have double masectomy then 6 wks of radiation every day...it is very hard but u have keep good attitude we are gonna get thru this yr and both be cancer free...to anyone just learnin they have cancer u can beat it be strong seek support from friends and others who have dealt w/ cancer...i hope everyone beats this disease and can live a healthy life for many yrs after

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Hi Livejive,

Both you and your partner have gone through a lot together. It is great to hear you have such a good attitude. Keeping a good perspective and staying positive goes a long way. There is nothing we can do to change what has happened, but we can do a great deal to change the final outcome :)

All the best to both you and your partner!!


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Wishing both of you alll the best.  Keep heart!

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