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Ten Years now

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That's correct over 10 years surviving stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. This nasty cancer may have cost me my life savings, several jobs and way to many sleepless nights!

Want to hear my story? It may not be pretty but it's true! I survived and so can you Goodluck all

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Good for you, please share you story!

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Please share your story!  I am sure it will be uplifting.

Best regards,

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Congratulations on 10 YEARS !...  That is too awesome...

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Yes, I would like to hear your story.  I was recently diagnosed as a stage 4 cancer patient, NSCLC as well and I am hopeful that I can live as long as you. 

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Too few stories of survival. Need to hear about each one of the them. Glad somebody pulls through. Rick.

Must live
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I DESPERATELY want to hear your story!!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

My mum was diagnosed Stage IV Non-Small cell lung cancer in May this year and Tarceva didn't work for her, doctors are looking to start chemo on her and and and I'm soooooooo afraid that if Tarceva didn't work for her, would Chemo be the same???????????? I am devastated and feeling vulnerable ... so please share us with your story and shed a light on us!!!!!!!

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Please visit the Inspire Web Site for Lung Cancer.  Lots of great information on all the latest treatments for lung cancer.  I wish you and your mom well.

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