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I am newbie to site.

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Hi I have stage3 breast cancer and have started taxol chemo.  Any positive thoughts for this chemo? 




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I had four rounds of Taxol, after four of Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  I did those every other week from early last April to mid-July. 

I realize different people react differently because we are individuals, but this is how it was for me

  • I did not need to take my anti-nausea pills at all.  I had a few leftover from the AC that I did not use, but I did not need these.
  • I continued to drink a lot of water.
  • my eyelashes and eyebrows, which I still had, I lost
  • my head managed to "grow" some bristles; thus, I was not shiny bald any more
  • I did experience some breathing issues -- I could not take deep breaths without coughing; my lungs were clear, and so I was able to stay on schedule with my infusions.  That problem disappeared within about three weeks after I finished chemo.
  • Twice, near the end, I had some issues with coughing (which was complicated with my not being able to take deep breaths) for a day or two BUT what worked in settling that, as prescribed by my oncologist, was taking an allergy pill (like Clariton).  I was good by the next day.
  • Eating was not a problem, but I sometimes had to play mind games to make myself eat -- like sending my sister-in-law out to a fast-food restaurant to get us lunch (worked better than my packing one) when I was having an infusion.

I finished all my chemo July 16.  July 26-29 my husband and I went on a short vacation in southern Pennsylvania and southern Maryland.  It was hard for my friends we were with down there to believe I was less than two weeks removed from my chemo treatments.  Yes, I had to not rush myself walking here and there because of the deep breathing problems; and so I was mindful of that and did well.  Yes, we did eat at smorgasbords down in the Oancaster area (Diener's and Shady Maple), and I even surprised myself.  We went to a show at Sight & Sound (I took the elevator to where our seats were with our friends).  We went to my high school reunion (40th) down SE of Washington, DC, and that went well too.

So, it is possible to surprise  yourself with how well you can do.  Realize there may be a few days you are not your best; but those are such a minority.

I had a double mastectomy in February 2012; did chemo, as you already ready; had radiation from mid-August to the end of September.  Returned to work half days when school began.  Returned to work full time in mid-October.

I hope this encoruages you. I wish you well.



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I didn't take chemo but wanted to say hi and welcome you to the site.  Wishing you good luck with chemo.

Hugs, Jan

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I was stage 2, triple negative.  The most important thing I can tell you is to drink 2-3 liters of liquid for probably 5 days (at least) after chemo.  I couldn't tolerate water, so I drank juices, teas, punch.  I wish I knew about these little squeeze bottles of flavor (like Dasani), so I wouldn't have had so much surgar.  And you might want to keep you fingers in ice during infusion to lessen neuropathy.

Take care, Cindy

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Welcome Carol.....i have NO advice (I dint' need chemo)


but I am sure you'll get much advice here..



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every breast cancer patient - thru thick, and thin.  We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A fellow chemo Queen here ..  tips offered above, is some powerful, and wise advise.

Please ask your Oncologist for information on the chemo infusion therapy that you will be receiving.  Once you get your chemo-combo - you may want to go over to chemocare.com to see what possible side efforts you may experience.  Please remember.. we are all different , and we handle chemo differently.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam



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Hi Carol.  I wish I could give some advice, but, I also did not take chemo.  Just want to send positive thoughts and hugs to you.

Sue :)

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Ask for a script for Metanx to prevent neuropathy.  I held soda bottles with frozen water and layed my ankles on a large cooler freezie  to try to prevent it. Sucked in ice chips or popsicles to prevent mouth sores. I had my taxol over 12 weeks, needed Zofran every 8 hours, but was nauseated for all 9 mo with pregnancy too. I took Claritin, generic every day during chemo. Compared to Adriamycin/Cytoxin, Taxol was a breeze, I got better every week.

 Best wishes, jojo2

Pink Rose
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Hoping you will have no side effects.  Be sure and contact your onco or his nurse if you get a fever or have problems once you get home.  That's what they are there for. 

Good luck!

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Just wanted to wish you good luck!  Everyone is different because of the dosage.  Best to talk to your doctor. 

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