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♥ ♥ ♥ Who Will Be Watching "The Bachelorette" With Me? ♥ ♥ ♥

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It starts Monday!  The new bachelorette is from Sean's season and her name is Desiree Hartsock.  I am sure if you watched The Bachelorette with Sean, you will remember when he sent her home, she said " You're making a big mistake."  Apparently, she got over him.  lol

They say it will be a more intense and romantic season than ever before.  We will see! lol

So, who will be watching with me and posting their thoughts on the show?  I hope someoneUndecided.   I am not sure I can convince my hubby to watch it with me and I need company.


♥ Susie ♥


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Wow!  Brooks left as he didn't love her.  I was kind of shocked.  Anyone else?  I got a little tired of all of the crying though.  They didn't have to show 40 minutes of it.


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It was a surprise!  I really thought Brooks was into her, but, apparently not.  He did the right thing by not going any further, but, I would think he could have done it sooner.  I wonder if she will go on or just quit.  We got tired of the crying forever too, but, this season has been boring. 


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Wouldn't you think he would have known this before?  It surprised me, although the previews made it appear that someone told her that they didn't love her. 

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Shocked!  Yes I was!  My hubby kept laughing at how long they kept it up.  It was a bit ridiculous how they milked it for so long.


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Do you think she will pick Chris or Drew now?  I think she will just walk away.  There was at least one Bachelor that did, maybe two, that didn't find anyone. 

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Hoping tomorrow night is the finale.  This is the worst season ever, so boring. 

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From the looks of the preview, I don't think Des picks the other two.  Drama!  LOL

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One of my girlfriends is coming over to watch it with us.  I think her hubby and mine will be watching sports instead elsewhere.  Enjoy tonight!


Later:   She picked Chris!  Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chris?  Really?  I just don't see those two making it.  Does anyone else think they act really boring and childish?  I do wish them good luck, but, I won't be surprised if they break up.


What do you think about Juan Pablo?  YIPPEE!

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All I have to say is "JUAN PABLO!!!!!"


Patrice Laughing


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Alexis F
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Oh yea!   JUAN!

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OMG, he is so hot!  I cannot wait!  When does it start?  The Fall?

June Bugs
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(sigh) It is over now for us fans, BUT, Juan Puablo!  I cannot wait!!!!

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I don't know for sure when it starts, but, I hope soon.  He is very nice looking and I think seems like a genuine nice guy.  I just hope he isn't boring like Des was.

Thanks for a good season Susie and everyong!

June Bugs
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This was such a fun post and I thank you for it Susie.  I like the Big Brother one too.  It makes it a lot more fun when I can come on here and read and post about the shows. 

I do look forward to the Bachelor also with Juan Puablo.  He is one good looking man! 

Thanks again, June


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