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For those who finished tx before me. Just finished Rad 3 days ago. When will the mucos stop? where is it coming from? Should I be concerned with a little blood coming out. I tried to eat old fashion oat meal. After gagging, choking and spitting, I spit some blood out. Needless to say I have eaten solid food the whole time and never had the blood thing till today. The oats must have scratched my throat. Anyone with thought or experiences let me know. Thanks


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Hi Eric,

For me the mucous let up about the end of the 2nd week of recovery. I noticed the box of tissues was lasting longer and longer and I was spitting less and less. Unfortunately, your body's time frame is going to dictate when it goes away.

You just had the insides of your head and face irradiated. The nasal passage, sinuses, throat etc. are as raw as hamburger thus the mucous and blood. I wouldn't be too concerned with the blood. I still get blood when I blow my nose. It's much better than it was but it's still there. You most likely irritated a sore in your mouth, throat or tongue or spit up some blood dripping from your nasal passages. 

It's great that you've been able to eat by mouth and don't have a PEG. Hang in there! It'll be at least another two weeks before you start to really see and feel improvements. 


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For my loved one (6 months out from tx) I believe it was around 4 weeks when the mucus settled down. He did have some blood one time from a real hard "hack" trying to get the mucus out.

Don't be too concerned about the mucus or the blood. If the blood is continuously happening than consult with your doctors.

Hang in there....every couple of weeks you will notice some kind of improvement!




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For me, it took a solid two weeks after Rads ended for the mucos to begin to subside.  I would drink quite a bit of water/gatoraide to help keep the mouth moust (at night) and that seemed to aid in the recovery.  I had a bit of blood as well, but that cleared up in about a week.  After 2 weeks, i was sleeping thru the night without having to get up and spit mucos up.  Thats when i realized things were getting better.

Best of luck with recovery.


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I dodged the mucos bullet so I can't help there but I did have a week or so of bleeding in my nasal passages. At first, I was very concerned but it was short lived. With that being said, it never hurts to consult the doctor.

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