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Quasi-Almost-Semi-Old-Timer checking in

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Joined: Apr 2010

Hi ya Kids!

Long time, no see......................haven't been on in quite some time, so thought I'd pop in and see how everyone is doing and say Hi.............................Hi! 

Sorry to see so many newbies on-board.  Even more sad to see some going into battle again and the passing of some of the other good folks - Positive Mojo being sent everyone's way!

Thought I'd throw out some cheerful news for those newbies just coming on.  For those that don't know me or for those that tried to forget who I was , my dx - Stage IVa, SCC tonsil with bilateral involvement of nodes.  Tx - tonsillectomy, neck dissection, chemo (cisplatin and Erbitux - lucky me)concurrent with rads.  Had the whole gamut of nasty, nasty side effects due to tx.

BUT here I am 3+ years out (ended tx 4/12/2010).  Doing awesome!  Livin' life the best I can and trying to be the best person I can be.  Still NED and getting the all clear from the Doc's.  Still have some issues related to tx, but hey - we all got issues.  Still only 50% of my spit back, teeth -TAKE CARE OF THEM (enuff said)  can eat ANYTHING I want including the hot, spicy stuff.  Working my tail off at work, hiking, travelling and FISHING (in fact getting the kayak out this afternoon and heading to a fav honey-hole), but most importantly spending as much time with my wonderful wife!  Not my old normal - maybe, Better!

Positive thoughts and mojo to all - have a good Holiday weekend!





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Ya right, LOL.....

Hey dude...just a quick HI, back at you....


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Greg, so glad to hear you are still NED and life is going good. You are so right when you say your new normal may be better. I really wish we could have gotten together before my move to Texas, but my move was expedited to match up treatment dates for my trial.

You keep pushin on my friend and I hope we can hook up in July when I am passing through the LOU!



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Thank you for some cheerful news, us "Newbies " like those kind of posts the best ! I finished 33 Radiation treatments on Oct 26 , 2012 , just a thought when do I "get "to be an "oldie"? Is it at 1 year 2 years 3 years or do I have to wait for 5 ? Lol


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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the post. Very encouraging indeed! I finished treatment last month. I hope to be posting something similar to you three years from now!

Positive thoughts and prayers for your continued progress and good health.


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jim and i
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Great to hear from you, especially the continued NED.

Blessings Debbie

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Better than the old normal? I’ll have what you are drinking.

I better be good,


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thanks for showing up again and bringing so many up to date. all that you have shared is wonderful news, especially the NED news. 

i enjoy the energy and excitement coming from your post along with the great priorities of Wife, fishing and making it better for all those around you. 

so looking forward to many many more years of NED news update. 

take care


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Joined: Jul 2011

Glad to see all is going well...take care ..be safe and well



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Joined: Oct 2010

Greg,    So glad to hear you are doing well. Connie has been out of treatment since Apr. 2011. Clean scans and our life is good. She still has problems eating spicy food but that is a small price to pay for LIFE. It is just good to here from an old friend. Ya'll take care and I hope everything just keeps getting better!  Your Friends, Homer & Connie

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I had supper with greg back in March.  He had made this great looking, and great smelling soup.  I was a year out from rads, and his  soup just about took my mouth apart, spicy as it was.  At least to meTongue Out  Gimme another year, maybe I'll catch up to you on the spice thing......

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Joined: May 2012


Your answers are pretty spicy (full of information).


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Posts: 566
Joined: Jan 2010

Good to hear from you again Greg.  Now get back out there and enjoy every day...

all the best,


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Joined: Mar 2012

I love it when old timers check in (quaisi or OLD)....it gives us all hope...those of us that are quasi-newbies and those who are in the middle or just beginning treatments. 


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Joined: Jun 2010

Hi Greg,

So glad to see you are doing so well. Live life and enjoy! Got to luv getting back into that spicy food! Cheers!


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