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Charleston, WV Cancer Doctors

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My husband and I are purchasing a home in my childhood home town near Charleston, WV.  I am wondering if anyone can recommend cancer care in WV, I would need a whole new team, medical oncologist, radiation, surgeon, etc.  Am I crazy to reevaluate my life after cancer and try a different lifestyle?  I had 2 biopsies after treatment but was told the bumps were scar tissue (in the radiation treatment area).  Other than some assorted pain in the hips I seem to be fine, BM's seem nearly normal, no bleeding.  I have a CT scan scheduled for June 17 (5 months post treatment).  We would use the new place near Charleston for weekends and vacation until 2014, when my husband retires.  I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia.

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The first people I would ask are your current physicians.

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This is a link to check current ratings for cancer hospitals. This is a good place to start. I don't see anything in WVA, not sure where the closest place would be.
Good luck with your move!

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Thank you!  I have been checking out the site for best hospitals!

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