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You are an incredible group....

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I've been following this board since 2009 when I was first diagonsed with anal cancer.  There was no forum for anal cancer at that time.  Although the cancers differ, the fear and emotion was similar.  I found comfort from this forum.  I have also checked in from time to time to see how everyone was doing.  I didn't post, but I read and got to know everyone's stories from their posts.  I was truly inspired by the preserveance and will to fight this beast that so many past and present displayed.  It gave me hope and it also helped me looked beyond my own situation.  I have prayed for many past and present. Over the past couple of years it has been so heartbreaking to see so many of your dear friends pass.  On the anal forum we have sadly lost a few, including our incredible founder Joanne.  That hurt terrbly and I can't imagine what it has been like for this forum to have to endure the losses you have.

My intent is not make anyone feel bad, I apologize if I have.  I just wanted to express my admiration, appreciation and compassion for all of you.  Through your posts I have learned so much about colon cancer and I take that knowledge and share it with people.  I encourage them to get colonoscopies, to ask questions and to not ignore what their bodies are trying to tell them.  Since anal cancer is rare and people somewhat cringe when it is brought up, there are few opportunities to spread knowledge to a receptive audience beyond our forum.  Sadly, colon cancer is not as rare and I try my best to encourage awareness about it.  I was asked to speak at my church one year about my cancer experience.  It was a  little awkward getting up there talking about anal cancer. So I took the opportunity to talk about colon cancer, colonoscopies, etc.  I had several people tell me that they were encouraged to finally get a colonoscopy after hearing me speak.  Please know that I was speaking for all of you.

I wish you all strength and healing.

In gratitude,


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Where did the time go:)

I remember JoAnne very well. Caught her when she first came over here as well and kept in touch with her till close to the end...so many have passed here....

I've seen a few hundred or more come and go over the years here; each relationship different but special....each one painful...and each one a reminder to us all.   

I think one thing about having or having had cancer is that it affords us a window into the looking glass of other's lives - and we see life and death from a much different perspective than you normally would in the regular world.

And that's because, very few share their lives to the depths to any real degree where the ripples can truly be measured...

The intimate sharing that can be exchanged helps to keep us all grounded - and the knowledge we gain from what others are going through or have gone through (with or without cancer) helps give us some kind of a soft place to land inside - I believe it stems from just knowing that we are not alone - and while each story is similar, it's the parallel that we can draw from one story to the next, that seems to help us as people.

Most relationships I've found are just on the surface...and even when you try and dig down to the next layer of crust, you are generally met with resistance - which is a shame, because there are so many opportunities to help enlighten along the way.

Lots of folks miss out on this side effect of cancer - fortunately, there are many of us who benefit from it.

Take care - nice to see you again - and tell Martha she better be dam glad I don't come over there more and crash the party, LOL!!!


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Well Said Craig!    The group is larger then any one member.  I like the friendly disagreements about treatments.  (Friendly, not pointing finger at each other.)  The discussions make the group stronger.   I like all f the prayers for each other!  We each need the strength of the group at times.  I like Cathy putting prayers at the wailing wall. When we give encouraging words to each other. My attitude towards cancer treatment took a turn with all of hthe discussion about alternative treatments.  I now advocate alternative treatments in addition to chemo. 


Thanks to all of you, for giving me the strength to keep up the good fight against cancer!

Best Always, mike

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I could not have said it better....I am relatively new here but have been around long enough to feel the caring and support along with knowledge and experiences. Thanks to all who makes this forum a strong support system. 

And Liz I hope you know that you are a part of our family. I hope you post often and share your knowledge with us and come here when you need us. Welcome...~Ann

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I've only been on this forum for a few months but appreciate your kind words. 

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I agree with Liz!  Y'all are one great group of people.  I am also from the anal cancer board but check here as well.

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Thank you so much for the nice post.  I'm sorry for your founder's death.  It's never easy, especially when you have shared your stories with them and vice a versa.  You have a special bond that is formed because of a terrible disease.  You are always welcome here and I'm glad that you could find some posts that helped you as well.  No matter what board you are from, we are all in the same family because of it.


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