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OT : I am Camping this long weekend-ANYONE else?

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First camping trip of the season...taking grandsons with us...



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Hubby is the Duty Driver for this weekend so no hope of going anywhere probably.  Well other than just going out the Base ponds with the roll-back (wrecker) so if he gets a call for a tow we can 'run'.  Actually these ponds have quite good fishing in them.  Next weekend though we will be going to the Volks March at Crazy Horse Memorial (Custer, SD).  Anybody else doing it?  It is a bit strenious but the view once you make it up to standing on the arm of the carving is stupendous - well except for the huge areas of Pine Beetle kill you can see.  Not sure what else we will do - right now it's between renting a camper from MWR (the base) or taking the boat and getting a room in downtown Deadwood.  (My choice is Deadwood - not that I don't like to 'camp'.  I really like where you have to pack-in on horseback - not stuck in a 'campground'.  I love to play the 'penny slots' - Hubby doesn't so he just sits and watches people but that gets boring for him quick but if we get a room there, when he gets tired of watching people he'll got to room and I get to keep playing til I run out of money or win enough I don't want to loose back or get tired, so I walk the main street of Deadwood having fun.)

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We have been remodeling the bathroom so didn't see the holiday coming. Plus since its a Holiday you really need reservations.

I think we will be staying home and trying to get the bathroom finished. We are also making it as disabled friendly as we can.

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Nope, but, have a wonderful time Denise!

Sue :) 

Pink Rose
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We've never camped.  Have fun! 

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We camp in State camp grounds...so no water, electric, cable etc...just walk to water faucet, showers, bathrooms etc...



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Camped at a state park on Lake Ontario. Cold, rainy but the camper was warm and dry. We always camp with a group of friends on Memorial weekend. We had a turkey dinner Saturday night. Visited my Dad Sunday at the VA in Syracuse.



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Sue: poured 97% of the weekend. We still went to Great Escape (six flags) with ponchos on...went back the 2nd day with drizzle. I have camped since I was born-we camp 3-4 x each summer. (AND Disney trips -used to camp there but now we fly and stay in hotels-we are members of DVC ...disney vacation club aka flexiable time share with Disney..can't beat Deluxe resorts and see the MOUSE)


IT was COLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but we have SMALL tiny camper (FIT ON back of truck ) but dry and used heat...I think for first time!



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