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Crisis averted

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With all of the recent dental talk, I got very concerned when one of my top teeth started to bleed allot when I brushed. It was not the normal sensative gum bleeding. Having read posts about shards of bone, I could see something small and hard at the gum line that I could not floss or brush out. After 2 weeks of worry, I went to the dentist yesterday and he yanked and pulled and said definitely hard to get out then said "got it!" I said "bone shard?" He said "no, Cracker Jack".

This cancer stuff can sure make a person goosey. Luckily, not all turns out as bad as we imagine.    

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like you got the prizeLaughing

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Yep, that was funny...., I'm sure you felt like a spaz..., but hey, only someone that has walked in our shoes can relate.


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Hey, have you seen my car keys?


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Poppin great news, where the hope for the best wins over prep for the worst; a great prize indeed!


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and only time I've laughed today.  Thanks for the lift Candi!

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No kidding this cancer stuff makes us a tad goosey.  These days every twitch, ache, cramp...things that a year ago I would have thought "old age creeping up on me", now has me monitoring the symptom till it goes away. 

So it was a popcorn hull??  Or was he being funny.


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So I read you post (glad it was nothing serious!), and I get a craving for popcorn! There's a roadside stand in Harpers Ferry WV we pass when we travel North to visit family and go to John Hopkins for appointments. They make and sell fresh kettle, caramel, home made Cracker Jack and other varieties of popped corn. They have a huge kettle and make it right there in front of you. You can get a HUGE bag for $5 or a MEGA for $8 (often still warm from the kettle).

We bought a bag the 2nd week of treatment before I lost the abilty to eat solids. Mmmmmm... Now I want to drive up there and get some!  Thanks! ;)~  ~LOL~
I'll have to wait a while before I can snack on popcorn of any kind but it's on my bucket list of foods to have when I can eat solids again. 


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where I work....I used to practically live on popcorn, my favorite snack (besides ice cream, of course)....I'm afraid that popcorn sucks every bit of the little saliva a person still has....I can only manage 3 or 4 kernals, with water and that's all I can get down anymore.  Like ice cream, tho....I keep trying.


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We must be kin ! Ice Cream "was" my favorite food , and I love popcorn ! I used to eat Ice Cream every night !

Your Cuz


P.S. I keep trying too !

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 P & P,

Just had a bowl of popcorn, it tastes pretty good and goes down nicely with a glass of water.

Got to go floss, it is time for bed


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nothing like a good scare to get the blood pumping.  I'm glad it was just a popcorn hull! 

I missed popcorn for a long time and found something that really worked about 5 months post rads.  Chocolate drizzled popcorn!  Oh it tasted so good and even with the dryness that popcorn can be, simple sips of water made it so I could enjoy one of my favorite treats once more. 

did you get a good prize?

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jim and i
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What a great laugh I had Thanks for sharing:)

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Good laugh....thanks!



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Love it just what we need sometime a little humor.


God bless


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