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Has anyone here had the surgery to even up your breast after reconstruction? If so, I have some questions please.

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1. How did the doctor do the procedure?

2. Did you come home the same day?

3. How long did the pain last?

4. Did you lose any sensitivity?


Thanks in Advance






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Mommaellen, I didn't have reconstruction, as, I had a lumpectomy.  I hope someone here that has had this done will post to you.  Breastcancer.org is a really good site also.  You might ask your question there too, as, they have separate discussion groups for reconstruction. 

Good luck,

Sue :)

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In Feb. 2010 I had a right mastectomy. I had worn a 42DD bra prior to that. At the time of the mastectomy I had a tissue expander placed in my chest by a plastic surgeon. When I was finished with chemo I had my "exchange" surgery. In other words, I had the expander exchanged for a saline implant. On the opposite/non-mastectomy side I had a breast lift/reduction. I was fortunate in that I did not have a loss of sensitivity in that side. I had been warned that it was a possibility. The exchange surgery/reduction was done in the outpatient surgery center that is part of the hospital. I came home that same day along with the dreaded surgical drains. While I can't say it was all pain-free, it really wasn't that bad.

I was happy with the reduction on the non-mastectomy side but I was very displeased with the results on the mastectomy side. It looked like an unformed blob and I completely lacked the inframammary fold. I did not like my plastic surgeon's response to my concerns so I interviewed 3 new surgeons and chose 1 to do the revision reconstruction. This time the surgeon replaced the saline implant with a silicone implant and used a mesh product called Strattice as a sort of "internal bra" to help support the implant. What a difference! Any doctor who has seen my new breast remarks on how symmetrical they are. I have the fold that helps make a breast look like a breast. Surgeon #2 was wonderful. The revision surgery took 4  hours. That is longer than the initial reconstruction surgery took when both sides were worked on. It was done in a private outpatient surgery center not affiliated with my hospital. I came home the same day. As I had already had a mastectomy there is a large area that has no sensation. That is the norm. Now I just need to decide if I want to close out this whole process with nipple reconstruction and tattooing.

I hope hearing about my experience has given you some of the information you were looking for. Good luck.



Lynne P
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Are you going to have the surgery?  Was your plastic surgeon able to answer more of your questions?


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I am still trying to decide if I want to do the surgery.  I have not seen my surgeon yet but when I do I have a list of questions for him.  I will keep everyone updated.



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