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Hi friends

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Hi everyone. It seems like the days are flying by and I am not getting too much accomplished.  I have started getting out of the house some.  Tomorrow my mother and brother in law and I are going to the cemetery. It will be my first visit there since David's death.  I still miss him and find I wish I could hear his voice.  I feel like I am forgetting him.  We don't have years and years of memories so the few I have I fear I will lose as well.  I am doing ok though. 

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I am impressed with your last comment "I am doing ok though". That is the first time (that I can remember) I seen you state that which tells me your moving forward. David's voice and memories are still alive within you so your journey still includes him and you take him every place you go. My brother in law is a preist (yes I tell him all the good jokes) and he says the cemetaries only store shells that were once human. Our loved ones aren't there, they live on within us. He tells my wife (his sister) when she goes to the cemetary Mom and Dad aren't there. He hasn't been there since they passed.

Times will get easier. David is with you and will help restore your life.

Please forward all your good priest jokes. I love my brother in law and I also love jumping his case.


Enjoy the day


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Time is our friend in many ways....

For you, the hurt of your loss will ease..., but it will never take away your memories as long as you hold them in your heart.


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Even if those memories were short, they were still memories that were lived and will never be forgotten. You will always remember those special things he said and did from time to time and of course those beautiful wedding pictures! Don't ever worry that you will forget!

I believe as Jeff that our shells of our human body are what are at the cemetary....we become beautiful spirits that enter that Heavenly Kingdom. His spirit is in your heart....always.

And just as John says....time is the ultimately our healer that gets us through. You will do better with time.

God Bless,


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So glad you stopped in. David has a place in your heart that will always be there, no need to worry about that. 

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Will always be with you, His love will always remain in your heart.

Time heals, the pain fades, the scars soften and you'll have David in your heart forever.

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. 

We're always here for you whenever you need us

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