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Hi all,

I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone out there is taking Tarceva? I have Stage 4 Andenocarcinoma that metasis to my abdomen. I've been taking 150mg of Tarceva since the beginning of Dec. 2012 and so far so good. I feel great and can do almost anything I wish to do. However, my understanding is at some point it will stop working.

Has anyone taken Tarceva for more than a few months?


Thank you for your help.

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I dislike seeing unanswered questions so I gonna try even though I don't take Tarceva.  I do know people who have used it five years with no regrowth and others who have had progression after three months.  The good news is that there are other drugs in development and they may be out there before you need them.  

Google Tarceva Divas and Dudes.  It's a group that use it over at the Inspire website.  Lots of I you guys there.  

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Thank you so much for the response. It has been difficult to find information of current folks taking tarceva.



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But I haven't been on it long. In fact, I just picked up my second prescription. However, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 adenocarcinoma on April 12, and a little later they did a PET scan and MRI and found I had mets to a rib and my brain (two tumors). Last week I went in for a consult about a Cyberknife procedure for the brain mets and they did a high res MRI of my brain for that. The next day my oncologist gave me the good news. One tumor was gone and the other was smaller. It was the Tarceva. I can only imagine what it's doing to the tumors in my lungs. In fact, I imagine it all the time. I have to wait until July for another PET scan to find out.

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Hi Accen28,

I've had two CT scans since starting the Tarceva and my tumors continue to skrink which has been really good news.  It is also good news about your brain tumors shrinking. I'll pray that they all continue to shrink. It's scary to go through the tests and have to make decisions on what to do and how to proceed. I hope you are feeling well and have a good support system. Right now I feel great and the only side effects encountered so far is the diarrhea which is controlled with Immodium. My children and grandchildren have been a great source of support in teaching me what is truely important in life. My sister and have I been traveling while I'm still well enough to enjoy it. Tomorrow we leave for Williams Az to take the train to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon then 3 days in Las Vegas.

My next CT scan is June 28 and I'm praying for continued good news and Gods good grace to handle all that is ahead of me.

Have a great Memorial Day


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how are you doing 

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