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SCC skin

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Just found out today that I have a small area of scc on my back, doc said pretty common, pretty small, he is going to have a dermatologist remove it in a week or so. Something about me and C, seems to like me. Denis

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D Lewis
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Denis, you are a likeable sort. Happy to hear it can be easily resolved.


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back in Jan. '12' for the lump in my neck....I also showed him a spot on the back of my calf that seemed different to me than it had before.  It came back as SCC, and I had it removed...no problem at all.  The funny part was, the Dr. who removed it told me "not to worry, that tho it was cancer, it was all gone and everything would be fine."....all the while I'm thinking, who gives a damn about a little skin cancer what the hell is this thing on neck??!!!!

This is the payback for being sun gods and goddesses....huh? 


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I have not been out in the sun much as an adult ( I don't like the South Texas heat )but when I was a child that's what you did in the summer. (stay outside and play ) As far as I know there was NO sunscreen back then so I remember getting sunburned with blisters several times . (ouch) As some of you may remember my SCC started out on the top of my head and It was removed by Mohs and he got clear margins ,but since it was on the top of my head we "think"some of the cell drained down into my Lymph glands on my neck . The skin Dr. told me this only happens about 2% of the time ! Lucky me ! I don't smoke or drink so it had to be caused by the Sun ? I've also read that Scc skin cancer is more likely if you live in the Southern states. BTW I didn't feel a thing during surgery and didn't have any problems with healing . The Mohs was a piece of cake !


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Over the years my husband has had several spots on his ears and face that have been SCC cancer.  I have asked and always wondered if somehow this could get into his blood stream and caused the scc cancer in his laynx and now his lung and esophagus.  The doctors have all said no, but you can't help but wonder.  He is someone who always worked out in the yard without sunscreen or wearing hats.  All of his family have had the skin cancer problems but none of theirs progressed into anything else.  

Until they biopsy it, they won't know what type of cancer it is.  If it is scc cancer, they will remove it, make sure they got it all.  If they didn't, they will keep taking until they get clear edges.  It is called Moye (think that's the name) surgery.  Done in the office and can take a while because they have to look at what they remove under the microscope.  I know that's how my husband's was done.  Well the first one they did, was outpatient surgery because it was on his ear and they had to do some reconstructive surgery but that years and years ago.




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Hey Denis,

Glad to hear this one is an easy fix.  May we all have easy fixesLaughing  Just a point of clarification:  basal cell carcinoma occurs on sun-exposed areas, is very common (I've had one) and is easily cured.  Just cut it off, burn it off, rub it off---- anything that removes it is good.  SCC of the skin is a whole different customer, just as nasty as SCC of the throat, with the potential for mets and aggressive local behavior, occuring mostly on nonsun-exposed areas.  Bev (KTeacher) is an example of the second, with a primary on the lip, then this bizarre met to the orbit. 

My own basal cell story is this: one day a dermatologist friend of mine and I were having breakfast.  He leaned over, looked at my temple and said, "why don't you drop by and we'll burn that basal cell off of you."  I  didn't even know I had it.  Ha.  It took him about a minute.




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With all of the fishing I do, my Dermo is at least a twice a year visit....

I've been lucky as I've only had suspect or potential spots burned off with liquid nitrgoen I presume, or a few scliced of to be checked out.

Though I have known a few that had to have some pretty deep tissue removed from letting it get too deep.

Always a good idea to be checked out at least once or twice a year...

Glad you had yourself scanned D...


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jim and i
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Jim has had several basel cells removed and a few SCC cut out. We have found that our PC usually missed them or thought benign spots were cancer. Go to a dermatologist, they will much more knowledgeable.


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Go to docs June 3rd to remove small critter, they are using the Moh's surgery, we debated whether or not to use the Larry's surgery or the curly's procedure bit decided on the Moh's. Denis

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I agree. If I had the choice, I would have "Moh" do the surgery too. He was the most agressive of the three ;)~


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