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I have swelling in the hand!!

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I have swelling in the hand where i had nodes removed on that side it's the first time since i had surgery in 2010, my hand is only swoll on one side of the hand, not the whole hand and only the two middle fingers,I've been wearing my hand compression I've started my excersise put it's not helping. any suggestions from someone who's experienced this before.I'm praying i don't have to wrap it omg.Cry


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Hi Mollyz 

My hand swelled up when I was on a trip to Hawaii. I had tried windsurfing and the strain of that plus the humid weather just made my lymphadema worse. I have a compression fingerless glove I wear when I am flying but sometimes its so tight that it makes the swelling worse. My physical therapist reccomended Isotoner gloves ( they strechy kind) I found them at Macys and I think Kohls may have them too. It was just enough pressure to make the swelling go down I hope this helps. Love Surf

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I've been using isotoner gloves with my night sleeve for years.  The ones I have are made for very light compression as the seams are to the outside so as not to press in quite so bad.  I have one that is a bit above wrist but I much prefer the opera length ones.  More continuity under the sleeve to above the elbow.  Mine have all come with 'full'fingers which I hate so I cut the fingers off  to the length of my gloves (first jooint).   My Solaris Night Sleeve is a gauntlet style and I need just a little more for fingers.  Not sure where you can buy the 'inside out' ones (either the short or opera length) - my CLET gives me new ones when I need them.

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Alexis F
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Molly, do you see a physical therapist or a lymphedema specialtist?  You might give them a call and see if they can take a look.  I've never heard of the isotonor gloves, but, seems like a great idea to try maybe.

Good luck,


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Why don't you call your onco or your GP?  Maybe they can get in you in today or offer some help over the phone.  I hope it gets better for you.

Sue :)

Pink Rose
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Hoping the swelling has gone down and that you got to talk to your doctor.

Hugs, Rose

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Yikes Molly.  What has happened since you posted?  Did you have to wrap it?


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I did wrap my hand and wrist one night and the swelling did go down a little,usually when it does this I can weedeat my yard and it would go down,but this time it want go back to normal,I know how to manually massage my arm.I'm not sure if this has anything to do with what's going on or not but I just asked this question,I seem to have swelling in the backside where I had my mastectomy in the back it could have been there all the time but I just noticed has anyone ever had this





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