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Tomorrow is our appointment

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After a cea of 5 and a ct that showed a liver lesion in an area of focal fatty sparing that grew from 7mm to 11mm in 5 months hubby did a PET scan yesterday we will finally have an answer at 930 tomorrow. Provided his complete *** of an oncologist doesn't tell me I have to wait to hear him talk first. I loathe this man. I was doing so good until today now this fear has come over me. Waiting sucks thankfully it will end for this round soon. 

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Waiting for the oncologist to make his grand entrance is th worst part of scan.I am usually fine until they put me in the exam room and have to wait for as much as 30 minutes.

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Luckily the man is kind enough not to make us wait long ever, that would be the only place the visits are usually good. I am still amazed he fits in the room considering how big his head is from him thinking he is so wonderful :)

my 13 year old is home today he didn't want to go on a field trip so we will spend the day doing things which gives me less time to panic and think. 

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Waiting sucks.  All good thoughts for tomorrow!

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Been there more than a few times. Unfortunately it's part of the battle. Good luck on the results. Also as an FYI. I had a rising CEA through chemo and clear CT and PET Scans. Luckily my onc was determined to keep looking. Two liver mets showed up on an MRI of abdomen. Had different chemo to shrink them and liver resection and latest CEA is 1.1

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