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Home with Hospice

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Joined: Feb 2012

Hubby has put up a nice battle for 3 years but his body has said that was enough. We are heading home from the hospital in the next day or 2 with hospice.  I have enjoyed the boards ey helped so much. I really have not met a better group, always full of information and encouragement.



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It's so very tough to watch the body failing after a long fight...truly heartbreaking:(

It sounds like you have a good plan in place and may that time be filled with all that it can be for the both of you.  It's always tragic when a person passes on - and it's hard for those that remain.

And it's hard from someone who stands off in the distance too...it's a stark reminder for us all...

It seems each passing makes its own ripple in the universe...

It sounds like you share alot of love and ahad awonderful live and time together...that doesn't happen for everyone, so when you see it, you know it.

May the coming days provide you with the strength and fortitute to meet all the challenges that await you...

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You are in my prayers and I wish you and your husband peace.

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I hope that with the help of hospice you and your DH will have some peaceful time together.  Hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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I am so sorry that your husband is home with hospice, though hospice at the end of the day is a great blessing.

I'm sure you will love and comfort him until the law of nature takes him away. 

Both of you will be in my prayers. 

Its hard, with Wolfen in the same place as you, waiting, hurting and loving.


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You are in my prayers. May you find strength and peace in this time of your lives!

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Prayers and hugs to you both...


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So sorry to read this. But there comes ap time that the body says enough is enough, the mind might say different. I wish for you that the time remaining might be filled with peace, love and acceptance, saying goodbye is never easy but the memories stay forever .

Both of you are in my prayers, hugs, Marjan

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Sorry that he has gone through all this.  I'm hoping that his time left is painless and you experience the peace between you both and cherish the moments you have. 


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I am hopeful that with the assistance of Hospice you and your DH will have good last memories.  

Peace and contentment for both of you and your families.


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I'm very sorry about this. I know it has to be so tough. Praying that you both find peace with this situation.




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I'm sorry to here the news,I will keep you both in my prayers.

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fighting_ big_c
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I am sorry to hear this. Defiinitely will pray for the whole family.

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I'm sorry you are at this stage. My advice is to say what you have to say now. You never know how fast the end comes. Hospice is pretty good, mine was very responsive when it came to ordering a bed, getting the medications changed from pill to liquid, and helping with washing and bathing. My wife was only in hospice for 6 days before she passed.



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I am praying for both of you during this difficult time. Three years is hard on our bodies and the battle with this awful cancer takes a real toll. Peace be with you and your husband. Jeff

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers for the strength to get through this.  We will keep you in our thoughts.


Best Always,  mike

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Sending you gentle hugs....

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to hear this. prayers for you & your family.



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