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secound time around

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found out last week after going thru 2 mammograms and surgery that my bc is back. same kind  same breast...dr dropped the bomb that this time i need a mastsectomy sense i had radation before  i can't have it again and sense it was the same kind  she said it must of spread from the frist one same kind just different spot .  Invasive ductal carsonaima ...if its spread in the breast  it could of spread to other places...i am not a happy camper  for sure...so  surgery is set for tuesday may 28.  then 2 days later see the oncolgist to see about what to do next..read if the same type comes back a secound time then chemo is a must for at least 6 mos  ...not sure about that either...but i will go thru the surgery and i will take anything they give me  But  i will survive what ever they hand out to me and i will get over this  and i will be a stronger person for this ...this is not my first time around...in 86 i had uterine  cancer and in 2005 i had kidney cancer  ...and 2008 my frist round of breast cancer...i survived all that and i will survive this....


ohhh by the way  what happened to the chat rooms  its either gone or i can't find it  some ansers  will be nice


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I just wanted to say that you are a very strong person.  I will be sending prayers and good thoughts to you not only on tuesday but thoughout  your treatment.  Keep us informed.  I will start the pink bus up and have it ready for tuesday and I will bring the coffee. 




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sad why you are here. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please know that we are a safe haven for you, your feelings and troubles.

As wonderful as we all are, I think I am not going out on a limb by saying none of us ever wanted to be HERE~ battling with and talking about Cancer. It has
affected so much of our lives, as you know only too well. -- Bottom line is, we have all been altered by this
You will find many wonderful, caring, uplifting, funny, amazing people along the way. Put your seat belt on, raise your arms up, scream and go!!!!

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Christmas Girl
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Sending prayers for strength, Diana. And for all treatments to be effective. Seems you've got the best attitude - determined to survive!

Kind regards, Susan

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I don't know anything about the chat room.  You could contact the moderators at the top of the page where it says contact CSN and see what they reply.

Sending prayers to you too.

Hugs, Angie

taylor manny
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I am sorry and will be praying for you.  What is the chat room?

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How did your surgery go and how are you doing.  Know you are in my prayers.

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thank you 

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there used to be a area on here where we could chat to each other alot of us became friends  but its seems to be gone now

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checking back in to see if any updates...

HOPE all is going somewhat smoothly < as it can



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thanks everyone for the comments...surgery went...tho i was a wreck in the pre-op .was doing fine till one of my daughters started crying saying she would never see me alive again....antiseathea dr was there  and when she got me to crying he said  can't help her  but give me 4 cc of something ...all i remmeber was giving hugs to the girls and that was it  don't remmber saying goodbye to my hubby...that was good to be knocked out before hand  let me tell you....

    dr had problems with surgery  ..she had hard time getting the skin to close and no i'm not doing the reconstruct thing...she said blood vessels were compromised and she thought some of the skin would die and she was right...i have a wide strip of the incesion that came open  the stiches popped out the next morning..i had tissue damage from the radiation 4 yrs ago and she had to fix that  had to remove some things she wasn't planning on doing and that made closing hard for her and me .no one warned me i wouldn't be able to move my arm . i screamed everytime someone moved it  they had to prop it on 3 pillows that sucked. and had hard time with pain meds so was giving me somthing every 2 hours  all i did was hurl and cry with severe headache nothing stopped  don't remmber much of being in hosp  i slept most all the time from pain meds and sleep helped headache. was in 5 days..so now i have this huge wide raw area where a nice thin line was supposed to be...using a sauve to slough off the dead skin and fat under it ...go twice a weeek to have fluid drained out of it to help with healing..ohh did i mention i got a nasty infection goin too had to be on antibotics for 10 days...all this and what i'm upset over is i can't go swimming till it all heals..sounds crazy i know but i look forward all winter to our complex pool open for thoes 3 short months and now i can't go ( we'll see about that as soon as its not raw anymore)...ohh ya have home health nurses that i don't think i need only person who does anygood is the pt he works on my arm and shoulder  that helps alot  not to mention he's a good looking hunk of a man to work so close too..too bad he is married and has 4 kids..my daughter already asked...then i had this one nurse who asked if i was having depression and i told her no  she said she couldn't believe that   well i'm not  she said i should be having depression and staying in the house all the time and crying over what i lost ..instead i go out when i can...go into the stores adn i don't try to hide the fact i'm missing one of my ladies...people want to stare let them stare  don't bother me one little bit...i put my swim suit on with one lady where it goes and the other one flat  sit at the pool watching the grankids play in the water...at least i get a bit of sun that way...its not bothing my family  to go with me...only thing concerns me is in 2 weeks i go see the oncolgist to see if i need chemo. was in hosptial when appt came  spent 5 days in hosp instead of the 1  he came to see me but said we would discuss it when i go to the office...other wise i'm just sitting back enjoy being pamperd by my family enjoying the nice weather sitting on the patio...till thoes dang nats drive me in  they try to get into my top to my boo boo....dirty little buggers....all in all i think i am doing just fine for the moment...try to be cheerful and upbeat ...if someone says anything i tell them i've been thru so much more worse then this and almost died several times in the past that this is a nuscience more then anything but it does have long term effects ..and have a masectomy is nothing comparid to living with a diesase that will kill me in a couple yrs or so...shoot it still might  but i'm believing its not goin to happen  at least i am giving myself a chance i wouldn't have other wise...and why do they call it a MASECTOMY anyway when its actually a AMPUTAION...it feel funny when the nipple itches and you go to scratch and ut ohh  no nipple or taking a shower and go to lift to rinse under and no boob to lift  hummmmm   but for right now  life is good and i'll take what i can get and enjoy it....i'll do what ever i have to and i will survive this as well...after all life is what we make of it  and only GOD knows when our time is up and right now  is not that time   god bless you all  diana

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If anyone ever deserved a hug, you sure do Diana!  (((  HUGS )))  Very glad your surgery is over, but, sorry for all of the problems you've had.  You've got a great attitude and that counts for so much!  Enjoy the pool with the grandkids, even if you can't go in.

Thanks for the update,

Sue :)

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You did very well in spire of all the difficulty.

Glad that part is over for you,


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Diana, I am so sorry you have had to go through all this. I am glad you are feeling better and getting well. My prayer is that you don't have to take chemo. I had a bilateral mast. almost 6 weeks ago and did well with it. I start chemo this coming week and really dread it. Hang in there. Prayers.

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