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Long day at hospital

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Well, I have one more day of tests tomorrow. I spent the day at the hospital today. I like going there. When I go, I always feel that I am in good hands and if there is anything wrong they will find it and treat it, the best that they can. I know that cancer treatment is in its infancy, and there is much to learn in the future, but I appreciate that there are people dedicating their lives to finding a cure.

Spending countless hours in waiting rooms teaches me a lot aout people. I met a very nice and strong woman today who has also had 2 cancers in 2 years. I enjoyed passing the time with her,we laughed and talked about life. There are people who, by nature,just make the best of everyday. There was also a man in the waiting room who just could not stop complaining. The johnny was too big, the wait was too long....he announced the time every 10 minutes, the pic line was a nuisance, the dye drink tasted bad....on and on and on. Keep in mind, we all had the same johnny, the same wait, the same dye drinks, etc. He seemed determined to make a difficult situation worse. I just don't understand why anyone would do that. I tried to cheer him up, but he just wasn't buying it. He was miserable and determined to make everyone around him know it. Since I had my first cancer diagnosis, I decided to make each day a good day, no matter what. I just won't let cancer rob me of my happiness. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day! Life is good!

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You've got a great attitude.  I'm probably a bit more like the complainer but I'd do all that whinging in my head rather than inflict in on others.  My mother did teach me to keep my misery to myself!  Anyway, it sounds like you made the best of a long day and I'm glad you found a compatible person to spend some time with.  Good luck tomorrow.

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Those days can be long but "kudos" to you for making the best of it. I try to stay positive also but admit that sometimes it can be difficult. When I catch myself feeling less than cheerful I remember a sign I once saw that said "fake it till you make it"......... I have redirected my brain to that quote several times in life in a variety of circumstances and it works. Pretend to be cheerful, positive, smart, healthy, patient, kind, happy, whatever and before you know it you may be!

I'm glad you feel in good hands......you are!

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As a fellow anal cancer survivor/friend of mine always says "Choose happy over crappy!"  I think those are words to live by.  You have the right attitude, IMO, and so does that other woman you met.  I'm sorry you had to be in the same waiting room with that complainer, but those kind of people always remind me of how NOT TO BE!  So, I guess they serve their purpose!  I worked in a physician's office for a number of years and we had patients of all kinds.  The ones who complained got the standard care.  The nice ones were always doted over by the nurses.  As the old saying goes--"You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."  Okay, that's enough sayings for one post!  Laughing

Here's wishing you all the best with your tests!

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marynb,  have a great day to day as well with all good test results... i need to sit beside you at my colorectal surgeon appts.... the longer i wait , the more anxious i get knowing that the proctoscope  is going to hurt....i do try to talk to folks if they feel like it...you would be fun to sit with.....  sephie

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When at MDA I also lke to talk with people...  And now say "anal cancer" out loud.  A group of five or so were waiting to see Dr. Eng and we realized we all had anal cancer..  One on her first appt...  We all chose o talk about "funny" things we've encountered on this journey...  (NOT that they were always funny at the time!).   We were all laughing as our turns were called!


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I've never talked to anyone else who has had anal cancer - this is why this forum is so valuable..... makes us all feel like we are not in this alone!!!

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Good for you Marynb - sounds like you've got a wonderful disposition and I'll bet the nurses and doctors love it when you come in. The first day I met my radiation oncologist, he wasn't too cool. Wasn't ready for  the appointment at all. My mom came with me, along with my husband, and the doctor assumed it was my mom who was in for treatment. Not too cool at all. But one very good thing that he did was to introduce me to a woman who also had anal cancer and was in her fourth week of treatment. Seeing her did a whole lot for my psyche. She looked great and was so nice - I'll always remember her. I never got her name, but I hope she's doing well. I also got to meet another woman who had anal cancer, someone who lived a few miles from me. It was so nice meeting her. We got to share some of our experiences. We keep in touch only very occasionally, but I'll always remember her too. Anal cancer can be such an isolating thing, it's nice to meet and talk to others who are going through or who have gone through the same thing. This forum didn't exist when I had treatment (I wish it had) but it's been a blessing since the day it was created.

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