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Just Feeling Out Of Synch

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Hello All,

Please know that I am here reading and watching over each & every one of you as you conquer the Beast. For many the battle is just beginning, whiile others mentor and help you through the perilous journey.

I sometimes feel out of synch with the group as I cannot offer much in the way of constructive comments as our battle was ended almost before it was begun. Cancer contributed, but in the end, was not the culprit. The battle can be won as shown by so many wonderful fighters here.

As for me, I can't say each day without Ron is easier, just different. I still expect to see him in the family room watching his favorite John Wayne western. The TV is on most of the time, just for the noise. The silence is still deafening. I'm so used to all the phone calls from MD Anderson and various specialists. Now, it's just "toll free", which I don't answer anyway. The cat is not much for conversation unless he is hungry.  LOL

Robert & I have a long way to go to sort out things that will be sold. In a way, I dread the thought of going to the vacation cabin to clear it out & put it on the market. I think I've only been there once in 40 years without Ron. He loved the place so much.

So, please don't think I'm ignoring you. In my heart, I still celebrate your successes and feel your pain in your setbacks and losses. If ever a subject comes up that I feel I can be helpful with, I will chime in. And if you ever just need encouragement or a big hug, I'll be right here.



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The H&N forum is a place where I have never felt closer to people I do not know.  Cancer is the proverbial equalizer and we all know it (this stuff is all too real). 

Your Wolfen ways is always welcome here.



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I would like to second that Amen!

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You are always welcome, to contribute when you want and can, to oversee as you feel the desire.

You being one that has gone through the ultimate sacrifice have more than earned your stripes.


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Even though we no longer have Ron amongst the survivors, your presence here is still highly valued as you can still mentor those who find themselves in the caregivers without club, the worst one to be in but that you and others are part of and have experiences that some of us may finding great need of down the road. So, please do not feel like your time is up here but rather you are in a new chapter of the same book. Best, don

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..no way for me to say it any better Wolfen......you are truly always welcome.


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warms my heart....there is now, and always will be a place saved for you at the CSN table.....


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Your contributions to this site have helped all of us.  thanks for being there for us..

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jim and i
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The hugs and encouragement are the most important.

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