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Hey guys and gals,

not getting straight answer from drs. Can you swim in Public Community Pool Club Pool, it is choleranted?  I usaually go to one during week with daughter in summer and my boyfriends cabin at the lake on weekends, they were matter of fact about no lake with Peg Tube, but all not sure on swimming pool?  What info have any of you recieved?



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I was told not to get in the water until my G-tube was removed. Fortunately, mine was short term. Well, the ONC actually wanted to leave it in an extra 12 weeks post tx "just in case" but I had it removed. I definitely would avoid lake water.

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I found this older post on this site...many different answers, the final one for the orginal poster ( Kimba1505 ) was that the Doctor gave the go ahead to swim.


My Best to You and Everyone Here

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My surgeon that put in my peg tube told me I could get in my pool that I knew was maintained properly but not in public pool. I covered my peg tube with that glad wrap that is sticky around the edges to try to keep as much water out as possible.


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Thanks to every one for responding, it seems like if not my pool no.  My Primary Doc didnt say no, he kinda laughed and said be first in and last out when they flush more chlorene so i guess floats that allow me to waft in water but not get wet!  Oh well, i bring a spray bottle on my floAt and spray down with water from home!


Thanks again,


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last year some news station  did testing around the country and found most public pools are not maintained to standard and that you would be better off swimming in toilet water.  I don't think it's worth the risk unless you know the chemical levels are correct. I know there was someone on here that surfed with a peg tube but the ocean is different.  I don't think you would want to risk a fresh water lake or river either.  

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I got told no.  Not just no swimming, but no immersion of the PEG.  Showers were okay, keep the stoma clean, dry it carefully, but no swimming.

We have a nice backyard pool and the summer of 12 in Albany was absolutely PERFECT pool weather.  All I could do was dangle my feet in and watch.  :-(

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