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Surgery coming up soon,I am very scared

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I will be having surgery to remove Mass from Colon in few days.They are hopefully just removing mass and piece of colon.But they won't know for sure until they get inside of colon.Also don't know if it is Cancer.They will do a Colonoscopy the morning of surgery.This is probley common presisure??I have a lot of concerns of course.I Pray it isn't Cancer and they don't remove my whole Colon.I also would like to know what they did before my family does.As strange as that sounds.Should I tell dr. This.He probly would think I was strange.I know he would have to wait until I woke up.This really bothers me and worrys me.He said I would be on light duty for 4th 6 weeks.I would like to hear from people that have delt with this situation.I would appriatte it.I had Breast Cancer 4 yrs. Ago.I remember how scared I was then.But this is sooo much harder for me.I think it is the unknown.Thank you.I know I can always count on you wonderful people on this sight.

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Well, I can't help with answers because I'm not able to see into the future and there are so many what if's. I do hope for the best possible outcome with your surgery. 

I don't understand why you want to know the outcome before your family does but we all deal with situations differently...


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Because if it is bad news,I would like to brake it to them little at a time.

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I had 8 inches of my colon removed in January and hoped that would be the end of my cancer.  After testing 26 lymph nodes, 3 came back positive so now I'm on chemo.  The surgery wasn't that bad.  I was in the hospital for 2 days and by the 3rd week was doing really well.  I was off work for 6 weeks and felt completly fine when I went back.  Now that I"m on chemo, it's a little differerent story but manageable.  Good luck with your surgery.

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I really appriatte the encouragement.I fell better all ready.

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My first surgery was a laprocopic colon resection.  The surgeon removed about 10 inches of colon to get clear margins.  I wa out of hospital in less than two days (I hate hospitals).  After two weeks I was back at work full time.  Good to remember that I work in a very sedentary setting that was ideal for further recovery.  There was little pain or true discomfort.  

According to the surgeon, my situation was not the norm and he said he was impressed with my recovery.  Originally there had been discussion of needing six weeks off from work and that had been approved under FMLA.  

One thing of interest was that the surgeon suggested that I start chewing gum.  Apparently it helps the disgestive system restart after surgery.

Let us know how it works out for you...


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Sounds good to me.Yes I will be wanting to come home soon.To my own bed and my little yorkie that never leaves my side.Thanks for the encouragement.I feel better all ready.

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I would think your doctor would respect your wishes to know how the surgery went before your family.  They didnt know with me what stage the cancer was for a week while the tumor and surrounding tissue was analyzed.  After surgery, dont be shy and ask for pain meds when you need them.   Good luck!   

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No I won't be bashful about getting pain medicine.Thanks for your reply.

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I had no problems at all with my surgery, which was a full incision and in hospital for five days.  

All went well, and I had no real problems other than the normal discomfort the first week or so. 

Bowel worked well after the surgery.

Go in with a good attitude. Come out of the surgery with a good attitide. Fear is awful, but it adds stress which in itself can cause problems. 

I've never heard of having a colonoscopy the day of surgery, but hey, its all different with different surgeons. 

Tell your Doctor whatever is on your mind. Heck! You are paying enough. I think that its a pretty good idea to know before the family. I was on my own when the Oncologist came two days after sugery to tell me I was Stage 3A.  It was very hard to tell my husband and boys, but best coming from me than some Doctor. 

I'm so sorry that you are going through this after battling breast cancer. 

We are here for you. 


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Thank you so much for understanding.Yes it was awful telling my kids when I had Breast Cancer.But like you know better me telling them then someone they just met.Thanks for the encouragement.I have a better out look now.I am going to think positive from now on.Because the fear is terrible.And don't help anything.I will keep in touch.Thanks again.

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Praying that your surgery goes really well.



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