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Funny goings on

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I am reposting a part of a reply here, wondering if anyone else has experienced this interesting side effect. 

All of my body hair (arms, thighs, face, abdomen and ladies parts) has gone, except below the knee, where if anything, it is far hairier than before treatment.  

I sat in the bath yesterday and watched my leg hair float from side to side on my legs.   

Go figure!

And No, I am not going to shave it off. HA!

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Now I dont have to shave my legs or underarms anymore which is nice!  It is so sad though being in the show and having clumps of my hair land on the floor.  Hats and wigs are my new hair accessories.

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When my uncle by marriage had chemo for stomach cancer he had nearly total hair loss, except for his facial hair.  He still had patches of beard.

Guess it is like all other things we experience, not the same for all.

Marie who loves kitties


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