Treatments for low grade oligodendroglioma

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Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a low grade glioma measuring 6.5 x 4.5 x 4 cm.  Symptoms similar to a stroke following a grand mal seizure.  I was 47 at the time in what appeared to be excellent health without any risk factors for stroke.  That's why a neurosurgeon was brought in who made the diagnosis.  In general age over 40 and tumor diameter over 4cm were considered negitive indicators for long term survival.  My tumor's axial length as grown from 6.5 to 11 cm in the past ten years yet it has been only in the past year that I've tried any treatment because the tumor was deemed inoperable.  After 12 months on Temodar I'm taking a break because my tumor's growth seems stable and the drug is doing nothing to reduce size.  Would like to hear from anyone who has had treatments other than surgery, radiation, and/or chemo for oligodendroglioma.



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    Anapestic Olio Grade 3

    My husband is going on 3 years stable. He did have surgery and it was considered 100% gross total resection. He did radiation, chemo, the whole bit. I am guessing its the location of the tumor that's preventing surgery? Have you had a second opinion? I don't know anything about gamma knife but I have heard it mentioned when surgery can't be done.

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    I was diagnosed with this

    I was diagnosed with this type of brain cancer in my right frontal lobe in 2009. I underwent surgery right away and then I had 36 radiation treatments and was on Tremdor for 6 months. Lost most of all my hair. I go back in june for a MRI as I now go every 6 months oposed to the every 3 I was going and then after 2 more years then I will go every year for the rest of my life. My hair has started coming out again on the right side of my head and its pure bald in a area. I called my dr and he said that it is possible from Post radiation/Chemo treatments side effects....has anyone had this happend months or even years after your treatments? thank you.