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Hi mates it is Friday here, any interesting plan for the weekend?

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Wife has gone to Madrid until tomorrow to have some fun with some friends,she deserve it,so not plans for me probably lunch tomorrow with my sister and kids (and of course mum)! Whater is still terribe here!
What about you mates?

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As for me, it's time to have a few yard sales. My special hubby leaves behind a ton of tools, some new in boxes, most of which my son, nor I, will ever use. (I never got past a screwdriver & a wrench) And a large selection of collector knives. We are saving the very special things, but find it necessary to sell the rest.

Weather is not too bad yet. Only about 93 today.



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baseball, arts festival at my kid's school, nephew coming up to visit tonight, play at the Children's Theater tomorrow, and a dinner for the "May birthdays" in the family tomorrow night (of which I am one).  I'm such a Grinch...I hate celebrating all the adults in the family, would much rather just focus on the many kids we have, and not keep getting presents that mostly end up in the "give to charity" bag.  I told poeple this year instead to make a donation in my name to my husband's step-mom's charity that she runs (providing water and toilets for a village in Tanzania)...we'll see if they honor my request.  Sorry, rant over!

Enjoy the quiet weekend, Pepe...hope the weather improves!

I can totally imagine your yard sale, Wolfen.  After my dad died, we had a barn full of tools, tractors, and what-not to try and sort out.  I think the main reason my stepmom still lives on the property at her age is because she just can't face dealing with all of my dad's stuff.  Hugs coming your way...AA

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ahhhh hate to publish this again but it is a sight that I dearly love. Every summer since cancer diagnosis my husband and I have gone off to our cottage in the northern woods of Canada.  last year as a little out building he built this cabin from logs that he found on the property.  We have no power so this was quite a feat.

So this weekend we are packing like mad and heading for the woods.  It is going to be 0 degrees at night so we will need our woodstove and woolie socks. For newbies I have just completed 5 years of NED status (no evidence of disease) after stage 4 colon resection and 2 liver resections and much chemo. I feel so entirely blessed....

soooo newbies.....carry on push on.....do that surgery and all those nasty treatments......there is light at the end of the tunnel......

sending you love Pepe.....wish it would warm up for you.  Happy birthday AA......where is my BUG SPRAY?????? GRRRRRR BUGS


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Take really good pictures! They will get us through the winter. 

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haaa Ketz.....love you girl......I can catch you with a cottage pic every time.....Kiss

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One game last night and a double header today. Had our granddaughter for the second game so she could watch Uncle Luke. 20 months and soo adorable. Then we got flowers...weather is finally getting better. I got my vege plants for Mothers Day from the kids.

Pepe... Hope you have a nice lunch and the weather gets better!

Wolfen...been thinking of you

Ann...Happy Birthday!!!!

Maglets....love your cabin 

Hope all of you have a good weekend.....~ Ann

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Another trip to be with granddaughter. Can't get enough, she is 15months and really growing up so fast. I just have to keep fighting to see this miracle grow up. Pray everyone has a great weekend.  Jeff

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My great-nieces are both right about that age, and they are just darling.  You're just going to have to stick around a bit longer, Jeff, so you can watch them grow.

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Hey, Pepe!


I'm late replying, but I'll tel you what I did this past weekend. Friday night was our Relay For Life. It was really great for awhile, but even before we could do the luminary ceremony, we had a terrible storm. Lots of rain, lots of lightning, lots of thunder. We eventually had to shut down, because it wasn't safe. I have never been so wet and cold and icky feeling. Came home and rested, and then we went back at 7:30 am on Sat. to clean up the mess (I'm on the planning committee).

Saturday afternoon Bill and I did some shopping I needed to do for church and then went to a picnic for our Sunday School class that evening.

Sunday morning was church, which was emotional for me. 7 of my youth are graduating, so we recognized them during the service and gave them gifts. I hate to see those sweeties go! We had a nice lunch for them and their families at the county club after church.

That night we had a party for them and had such a fun time. It's amazing how much fun teenagers can have with balloons. *L*

This morning I rested ina bit and went to work late!






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