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Vitamin D topic -Now I am worried

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Hello, I read about serum vitamin D and forced my doctor to give me the test. The D2 test came out 4 and the D3 test came out 30. She never commented on it. Right now I have a high INR and a high PTT. I had one huge gush of blood when going to the bathroom. I thought I would have to go to the hospital if it did not stop. My endoscopy mentions 3 lymphoid aggregates. I am not sure what those are. Has anyone heard of that? I had my colorectal surgeon say that those should have been biopsied. It is difficult to get anyone to listen. I have golfball size lumps on my right side and down by my stoma area. I am worried but the docs seem to feel I am overreacting. Anyone have advice for me? Sorry for rambling, just so many things going on.

Thanks, barb

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The significant lab test is Vitamin D, 25OH  also know as Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, which should be no less than 30.  That is the one that is significant, and mine was 9 when first tested.  Taking super doses of D3, I've brought it up to about 50.  Find out the specifics, and if your counts are low, then start supplementing with D3.  Your dr can order a prescription form which is D2 (50,000iu) taken once a week (with an additional 1,000 - 2,000 units of D3 taken daily.)  However, the D2 didn't work for me, so another dr advised me on how to bring my levels up with D3.

As to your other comments, I'm afraid I can't help.  I know nothing about them.

Send me a message if you want more info on vitamin D.


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 ... D2 test came out 4 

is mind boggling low, whether mg/mL or nmol/L.  Does this doctor have a pulse ?    

One might suspect that the dr's were extra/over cautious about (not doing) chemo because of the INR/PTT or other issues.  Might be time for second, third etc opinions.  When I consider organ performance issues, like liver, I look very hard at supplement related answers like calling Life Extension Foundation cancer ND specialists, getting  PhD-MD Burton Berkson's recommendations, and/or Dr Joe Prendergast's recommendations on vitamin D3 and K2.  

Me? All of the above.  It took my wife *over* 12,000 iu per day of vitamin D3 to get to barely acceptable vitamin D levels, 32 ng/mL = 80 nmol/L,   with improvements on vitamin K2 and magnesium to support the vitamin D.  She's been well over 100 ng/mL of vitamin D for 2 years, under doctors supervision, and doing fine.

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for your comments. I agree with you about the doctor. Getting anyone to listen hear in AZ is difficult. Along with the cancer issues I am battling epeilepsy and

that is complicating things too. I see my doc again on the 3rd to discuss biopsies on the aggregates in my stomach. So much to think about. I appreciate both of

your thoughts on this. Take care, barb

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