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How effective is post surgery chemo?

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In jan 2013 my wife was diagonized with overian cancer. She had a surgery that removed the tumour. Biopsy revealed that she has borderline  low grade serous carcinoma. Being borderline and the fact that she is in her thirties, the doctors have not recommend any chemo. Only periodic check ups. 

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar recommendation from the doctor, or if any of you think that it is worth going through preventive  chemo.?



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I am so sorry that your wife has joined our "club" but welcome to this board.  You'll find that the women and caregivers here are very understanding and supportive.  We know how scary it is to be diagnosed with cancer.  Although I don't know what your wife's stage is, it definitely sounds like her situation is different from mine.  At age 50, I was diagnosed stage 2b, with "high grade favoring poorly differentiated serous adenocarcinoma" and a CA 125 of 2,800+ before surgery.  After debulking surgery, I had the standard six treatments of carboplatin (carbo) and paciltaxel (taxol).  I have regular checkups with my gyn-oncology surgeon and oncologist, with regular CA 125 blood tests and am currently NED ("no evidence of disease").

I don't know if your wife should have preventative chemo but if you and she feel uncertain or have concerns about her doctors' recommendation, then I suggest getting a second opinion.

Wishing you both a long and happy life together. 

Take care,


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I'm not sure where you are, but if possible, getting a second opinion is always advisable. You could also look into clinical trials (clinicaltrials.gov) and search borderline ovarian cancer, and look for both a researcher in that aspect of her disease and a trial for which she may be eligible.

Chemotherapy put my low grade peritoneal cancer into remission for at least 18 months. It doesn't always work for every one, though. I would ask about targeted therapies. Good luck.

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