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Just Dropping By To Say Hello

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Dropping by to say hello to all you wonderful people. You haved saved my sanity on many a night.

Robert & I have been keeping quite busy just sorting through the many things that have accumulated here over the last 40 years. Some items have been donated and many items will be sold over the next few months to make ends meet the best we can.

Bless his heart, Ron has enough tools here to open my own Ace Hardware, some of them still new in boxes. Unlike me, he also had the foresight to purchase collectible items that would someday resell. He was always planning ahead for the drought. Little did I know that I would face the drought alone. We're going to start having yard sales this weekend.

I suppose that being so busy leaves me little time to face reality but I feel a twinge of guilt each time I put a price tag on an item. The very special ones will be kept as I try to keep the home we shared for so many years. I've not yet had an opportunity to visit our cabin and get it put on the market. It's best anyway to clear out some room for the few items I will be bringing home.

It's hard to imagine that I'll no longer hear that voice that is so familiar to me or feel that big "bear hug" or visit that favorite out of the way place. Every little thing is a reminder of who I have lost, but I will somehow find my way alone. But then I remember I'm not truly alone. He has left me his son who represents the love we shared for all those years. And my daughter is only a phone call away.

Hoping all of you are doing well, fighting this devil with as little discomfort as possible, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and emerging NED.



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It is wonderful to hear you, you are never far from my thoughts.

I go to a lot of estate sales and always try to put myself in their place when I am there.

I hope the best for you and your kids, you sound like nice people. I am glad I met you here.

Take care of yourself,


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Hello, have been wondering how you were doing.  Glad to hear from you and that you are keeping busy.  I'm not looking forward to being alone as my husband and I have been married for 51 years and together 2 years before that.  I guess I'm lucky because we never kept a lot of things over the years.  Right now it is hard to believe that he is terminal as he can pretty much still do as he wants, not as fast or as long and I can see the changes.  He always tells everyone he is doing good, even the doctors then I have to speak up and say not true.  It has been 5 months since we were told and I thank the Lord for every day that he is having no real problems yet.  I think that even our sons think he is doing okay since they see him doing what he has always done, just slower.

Take care of yourself.  I think of you and Vivian often.


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jim and i
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My Jim was given less than a year to live last June and even though he has no pain or breathing problems (his tongue cancer matastisized to lungs) I still see the slow decline and the last CT shows it has grown. He tells everyone he is fine, his daughters seem to think he his fine, but I know he is not. We will be celebrating 30 years of marriage next March and we dated five years before that. There is 15 years between us in age and at 34 I thought, "If we are together 30 years I will be happy." Now that thirty year mark is approaching and I want more.

Keeping you, Wolfen and Vivian close to my heart.


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Hello Karen,

i am glad that Rob is keeping you busy, what a great son!  I hope your daughter with all her battles is doing okay emtionally with her Dad passing.  I know Ron is right next to you i firmly believe that Heaven and Earth are very close, in the quiet of the day i am sure you can feel him near.  i know you know all rhis, but we will always be here for you you always have another family to visit when you can.  I pray that the Lord continue to give you strength through this grieving and healing process and peace to find happiness in whatever the future holds for you, I ask this in Jesus' name..Amen

Love you,


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Keep the jewels and gems that are forever the both of yours, along with those precious moments.

I am sure in your hubby's planning, the other items were there for security in times of need..., he was and is still looking over you.

Please drop in whenever you have the need, or just to say Hello...





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jim and i
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Thinking about you over the past week and wondering how you are doing. My sister lost her husband 3 years ago and is just now going through his things since she is moving. She still finds it difficult to part with many items. Jim has already started the process of down sizing, except for his fishing equipment. I find it hard to think about living without him so I can't imagine how it actually is. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Big Hug


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Hi wolfen,

Thanks for stopping by and letting us know how things are progressing. Having your son with you must be very comforting and will hep you both getting through your grieving and also reliving the many wonderful times over the years. Thank God he gave you more than 30 years together. Best, Don

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Hi Wolfen,

I've been thinking about you the last few days wondering how you were. Glad to see a post and that you're doing Ok. I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through. I'm glad you have the kids there and within reach. 

Keeping you in prayer and positive thoughts.


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It seems I always feel at a loss of what to say, wolfen.

You and your family have been in my thoughts.  I wanted to tell you how descriptive I found your words calling your husband your Cherokee Irishman - described my dad to a T!  Once, as a first grader I left my lunch at home.  Everyone started whispering saying "there's an Indian in a police uniform coming down the hall!"  I knew immediately who it was and your words reminded me so strongly of that moment.

Tools were my dad's thing, too, as he built many houses.

I lost Daddy to lymphoma/lung cancer 25 years ago - maybe Daddy and your husband will meet up and have a fine conversation.

Hugs, wolfen.

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Ingrid K
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Hi Wolfen

good to hear from you.

I think going through Ron's things would be a very hard thing to do.  Yet, in a way Ron is still taking care of things isn't he ?

He left you with material things that will now help you out financially once you can sell them.  It's like he left you a surprise savings account of sorts.   His tools will find new owners that will put them to good use.

Ron would be so proud of the way you are working through these tasks.

Please continue to stay in touch with all of us here.  You are very brave and an inspiration to many still fighting.

If you are ever in the Chicago area, my door is always open.




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