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New to chemo just got pump off

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What should I expect?

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Love Hawaii, I lived there (stationed) for a few years back in the day.... whers that photo..., the Pali Lookout?

Welcome again..., if you give some additional info, tons of awesome people will reply and offer you help and support as well as tons of info...



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Welcome! And like John said, if you could provide more information about your treatment, we can offer some advice.


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I had 5FU in my pump....and I got a whole lot more than I bargained for Smile.  I did pretty good on Cisplatin every three weeks during radiation.....but then moved to Cisplatin and 4 days of 5FU in the pump, and got dehydrated, my blood count took a nose dive, and had mouths sores that relegated me to my feeding tube pretty much 100% for 3 months.

How are you feeling right now?  Just be sure and take your anti-nausea meds.....keep ahead of any nausea you might encounter.


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My side effects haven't been too bad I have stage 3 metastatic squamous in my right lymph in my neck the primary was my right tonsil which has been removed I am afraid of the radiation they want me to do. I already have stage 3 prostate cancer unrelated to this new one and radiation for that and am on ongoing chemo pills I guess I am just lucky any thoughts?

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All I can tell you is a regurgitation of what my Med Onc told me when, after three grueling rounds of induction chemo and no sign of the disease remaining, why I need radiation.  His answer was that the chemo was to get it under control and insure that there weren't any cells broken loose and lurking somewhere (like the lungs or the pancreas).  The radiation actually treats the main disease area and that the reinfection rate was very high when no radiation was used.  Most here have had gy 70 (35 treatments) and I had gy 60 (30 treatments).  It wasn't anywhere close to fun but having it come back would be even less fun.

You have to trust your team and your gut and do what feels best for you, but a lifetime might just be worth six or seven weeks of uncomfortable and we can and will be here to help you over the worst of it.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.


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