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Eating solid foods

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  • I was diagnosed with Stage 3 BOT Cancer in 8/12 The tumor was large and it had my epiglotis (sp) stuck in the "up" position.  Prior to treatment I was able to finish to the whole swallowing test (not great results, but could swallow)  Had 7 weeks of radiation and 3 chemo treatments.  Finished treatment in 11/12  Had PetScan 2/13 which came back clean (Yeah).  Took another swallowing test and couldn't even swallow the apple sauce.  I should mention that I have had a feeding tube from the beginning and a trac (which I hope to have removed in a month or so).  My ENT told me he had serious doubts that I would ever eat solids or drink again.  I told him that my goal in life is to prove him wrong.   He is open to my having therapy or anything else that may help by swalllowing.  My question is has anyone been told they would not be able to eat or drink and were able to eventually.  Sorry for the long winded question.
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I was stage Iva, scc, bot, hpv+, 1 lymph node (surgery, rads,Erbitux). Even though we share similar cancers my complications with swallowing were never so great as yours are.

I wish you the best of luck and complete success in your endeavor. 


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after 12.5 yrs post tx i was hospitalized with Aspiration Pnuemonia a new Peg tube inserted and tokd id never eat or drink agAin.  That was this past Christmas and after next week my therapy is done and i can drink thib liquids, eat puree and soft foods.  Its difficult but i wont give up, they took me as far as they can the rest is up to me and God .  It might not be this year or next but i will eat normal again and i will remove tube!

 Hope that helps!


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I know one or two on here that are in a situation that they basically have a permanant feeding tube... Unfortunate, but over all vey small percentage.

I'm not sure of your circumstances, if you have had any improvement since treatment,,,? If you have had some improvement, I'd venture to say for where you are, you'll probably have much improvment...

But if you haven't had any improvement in the last several months (and I mean any..., it could very well be you might not get it back.

During treatment, did you swallow, exercise the swallowing process to keep it working.?



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