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Hello, I'm getting my port tomorrow. Folfox6 is the regimin but I'm reading about Avastin. Should I insist on it? Don't know if its on my plan but is it helpful? I'm new to this and a little freaked out. I trust my oncologist but don't know how much to advocate for myself, please help : )

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I would get a second opinion. I saw four oncologists before I started a treatment. There were many flakes, and a few that seemed knowledgable. 


Best Always,  mike

PS Look in to alternative Vitamins to help.

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I haven't been on that exact chemo mix, but another member will chime in. You didn't mention if you had surgery, but I think you have to wait 4-8 weeks after surgery to start avastin. 

You have found a very caring, supportive, experienced group......maybe we can help you be a little less freaked out....Sending positive thoughts ~Ann


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What stage are you?

Avastin is only approved for stage IV with the studies on stage III showing no net benefit, and fewer survivors at the end point.  Many oncologist will routinely recommend Folfox for stage III and high risk stage II, and more questionably for most stage II.   Also your chemo options may expand depending on where you are.


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Thanks all,

I'm stage 3a. 1 in 23 lymph nodes tested positive, my colectomy was 4 weeks ago. I understand Avastin prevents new blood vessel growth thus starving tumors. I'm assuming (and hoping) I have no tumors elsewhere therefore I don't need it at my stage. I'm open to vitamins as well as Chinese medicine, anyone have experience with either? My chemo begins in the next 2 weeks.

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You definately should advocate for your self. It is YOUR life and the doctors work for YOU.

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Avastin for stage 3 may be more risk of harm vs. potential benefit - plus not sure insurance would pay for it.  But could still be something to consider if you are dead set on it.  At least it's good that you're asking questions.

I'd highly recommend vitamin D supplementation (maybe 2,000 IU/Day) for just about all cancer patients - very little risk of complication, high possibility of benefit imo.  But definitely ask your onc first.  In addition I did flaxseed oil, low-dose aspirin, coriolus versicolor mushroom PSK (common in TCM), and biocurcumin - but these are slightly more controversial as to whether they have any benefit or not...so if you are interested, please do your own research and tell your onc.

Best wishes for successful treatment and permanent NED status.

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there is  alot of dicsussion about the efficacy of Avastin and particularly itss cost/usefulness profile, but what seems to be concensus is that Avastin really only works for solid tumors.

Having said that, I am currently on Folfox and Avastin after my liver resection despite being ostensibly NED, the reasoning being taht tehn pathologist wasnt prepared to certify my resection as R0 due to one tumor being on teh evry border of the resection. Neither my surgeons or the pathologist really think there is still tumor left, but R1 is R1.

If you are "only" Stage III and curently NED,. ther is an argument that it would be worth "saving" Avastin for any recurrence in the future.

As far as soide effects go, I havent ahd any problems with the increased bleeding risk, I do find that adding Avastin to the Folfox makes the Folfox side effects worse and longer lasting though.


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