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Winding up week 4

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Those of you following my posts over the past couple of weeks know that I have a tendency to obsess about the negative. Well somehow I've turned that around. I think it came when I got a chance to actually see the scans of my neck showing the tumor and the treatment plan. I feel much more confident that things are going to turn out well.

I passed my second round of chemo Monday and Tuesday and today has kicked my butt. I'm guessing the next few days won't be any better, but maybe by the weekend the nausea will ease. In any case, I feel like crap but I'm making progress, a day at a time.  

Thanks for all your support. 

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It can work that way...., and it definitely takes a while to come to grips with some people.

Are you taking Emend, Zofran or anything Rx for the nausea...?

Main thing is ti stay very well hydrated, that tends to creep up on you and definitely will kick your butt.

Stay positive, I am for you...


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Chemo has a tendency to do that.

I agree with the teachings of Sir Skiffin his advice is sound.


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..great news to hear on the positive thinking ...but of course don't be too hard on  yourself about the negativity...we all have been there and let's face it...this is no walk in the park stuff :)

Whispered a prayer you meet Mr. NED soon my friend.


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I went between very positive and very negative, I think that is normal.  I found that accepting my negative feelings as part of the treatment helped me get though.  I can still get down, but that does not last nearly as long and knowing that others had or have the same feelings then moved on to mostly positive helped me a lot.

Seems to me you are handling things great, treatment tough and any positive feelings are impressive.

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