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Infected G Tube?

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Rob got his feeding tube last thursday. Last night while taking off the bandage I noticed what I think to be pus. 

He calle the doc and some oozing is normal but I am not sure pus is considered normal.

Did anyone else have any puss with there tube? He has no redness of the skin around it. and no temperature. Maybe I am just worried. Sepsis would not be fun.

Good thing is he is still eating real food, just supplementinf the calories with the tube.


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be the indicators of infection.  I had gunk on the bandage for 3 or 4 weeks after it was inserted.  Basically, a tube is a large piercing, and just like any new piercing it leaks until it is healed (and then some)... the chances of getting sepsis from it are remote.  Just keep it cleaned and bandaged and you'll see that the gunk will get less and less.

The things you do need to worry about.....the eating, the swallowing, and the hydration....they sound like he's doing very well getting them done.  YEAH!!!


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Hi Sandy,

Things you have to look out for (from the hand out they gave me at the hospital): 

Fever (greater than 100*), chills, nausea, vomiting.

Severe pain (especially during flushes).

Pain, leakage of fluid of blood, or swelling of the tube entry site.

Change of the tube position or it slipping out.

Difficulty flushing.

Foul smelling discharge, greenish discharge, redness and pus at the entry site.

I had been keeping a gauze over the entrance and I clean mine several times a day in addition to it getting cleaned in the shower. At this point I don't keep a bandage over it. Each time I feed or hydrate I clean around it with hydrogen peroxide. Are you sure it's pus and not just the crystal like stuff that forms?

Glad to hear Rob is still doing well with eating.

Positive thoughts and prayers.


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To me it doesn't really sound like an infection or puss. Most likely what you are seeing is seeping of gastric acids, which is expected. This is why they have us keep the dressing on. I know some people can get by without the dressing but even with me cleaning the stoma several times a day and showering a couple times a day I still had enough of that oozing that it would actually start to burn me.
Do your best to keep it clean and dry and your hubby should be fine. If you notice a fever or foul odors or redness then you should have it checked. You can always have the RNs at the onc's office have a look at it just to ease your mind.
Good luck

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I seem to recall concern over the same thing but never had heat,redness or fever so just let it do it's thing. Well into tx my g-tube started hurting, I suffered with it until it got pretty bad. Turned out, it was simple matter of doctor snipping the stitch that held it and I had instant relief. 

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it is fine. had some redness and a little pus from irritation and it was to tight. He loosened it up cleaned it good said it looks normal. 

I just get a little worried, don't want anything like a small infection to turn everything upside down.

Thanks for the answers and I will just keep an eye. If anything changes from this ordinary junk I will def call a doc.


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Ingrid K
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Sandy, glad it was not a big deal.

You are absolutely correct in thinking that you can't be too careful.  The last thing hubby needs is a stupid infection.

When in doubt---check it out !

Hope you both have a good weekend.

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