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Feeling a bit calmer today

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Not sure why but after reading my husbands radiology report I really doubt there is much of a chance it isn't back. For some reason that knowledge freed me a bit,  I was able to focus on what would come next. Also reading things on this board and seeing so many with stage 4 that are ok helped. Our oncologist made stage 4 sound like death was weeks away. Or maybe I just cried so much I have noting left but I know this mood will definitely help my husband more than the other one did. 

When I said on Facebook that I had a rotten day and spent a lot of it crying  a relative told me to grow up. It's funny to me the mean things people will say when they have no idea the amount of emotions that come in the daily life of a family with cancer. Thanks to all who have helped here with my original post. I am hoping I will be able to help someone else.

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Sometimes not knowing is worse than bad news. That is what i hate about waiting for scan results.

That was a lousy comment that your relative made. People have no idea of what they are talking about until they are in our shoes.

BTW I am going on 8 years since being diagnosed stage IV and still going. There are others on here and other forums who have survived longer. It is not as rare as you might think.

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I know, it was your  last post me that really helped. Sometimes it's the small things that help someone things you don't even realize, thnk you!!

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I hope your husband can be one of them.  Regarding the comment - some people are just mean.  Best to stick with your supportive friends and family - that includes us :) 

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