Saying hello, checking in and a little humor

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Hello all, I'm recovering from my surgery very slowly and have adjusted for the most part to my ostomy.  I've been sent back to work (I ran out of time) even though things are not quite okay yet but I'm managing.  It still hurts to sit and it hurts to get up when sitting too long.  My last scan was clean.  I have another scan in July.  For now I'm just enjoying my days of gardening and not thinking about it (when the weather cooperates, it's May and it's freezing here at night).

I was out at a party of Saturday night when a random stranger came up to me and starting talking about life and health.  She mentioned to me that I should go for a colonoscopy!  If she only knew.  lol There was no point in saying sorry, I don't actually have anywhere to put the scope anymore but I was certainly tempted!  lol I just said yes those are very important and I commend you for going.  I hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there.  Love, Helen


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    I would totally have said

    I would totally have said that to her! Those moments sometimes are all we get, even though its my husband not me. I hope you start to feel better soon.