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Back again

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That Cisplatin seems to knock me around. The first dose put me in hospital for 2 weeks, the second time around the doc managed to control my white blood cells better and only had to stay in hospital for 1 week (just out now). Thankfully with the Erbitux, radiation cisplatin etc. my treatments are over, now is the time to wait and see how it all went. The neck swelling is down (larynx cancer) and I may be able to have trach removed soon.

Hope all of you have been as well as possible and on the road to recovery, I'm feeling pretty positive probably because the worst is over.

Regards Michael

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Congrats on finishing tx...that is HUGE! Sorry you had a rough go of it. The first time you hear "no evidence of disease" it will all suddenly have been worth it.

God bless,


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Congrats! Now that the rough journey of tx is over, you can officially start the recovery stage!

Ring that bell!!



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Now is the time to rest and allow your body to heal from the treatments.  HUGE milestone has been accomplished!


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Congrats on finishing treatment! It's such a great feeling knowing you're done :) 

Buckle up and get ready for recovery. You've read it here but the next few weeks are going to be pretty rough. The great news is it gets better. I'm three weeks out and finally starting to have halfway human parts of the day ;)

Keep your hydration and nourishment in check and get plenty of rest. Great to hear the good news!

Positive thoughts and prayers




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Enjoy the recovery time, I'm sure results will be good...


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Hi Michael,

Boy, you've had a pretty bumpy ride on this rough trip. Glad you seeing most of it in the rear view mirror now. Better days ahead. Get well soon, Don

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With treatments over....hopefully the worst is over...Ann

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Whew, that is done, why to make it through in one piece.

Now, relax, regain your footing, start healing and making plans for the future.

Hydrationally yours,


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Now is the time to heal.  I wanted to get going so bad I did not take the time to rest and recover 

For me I learned that being a go getter and brave is foolish when the body says stop and revcover.  Still in recovery here but if I pace myself I can work most of the day and eat OK. 

You have reached a fantastic milestone and congrats on staying the course.  Sorry it ws so rough, but as others have said when you hear NED you will be rewarded. 

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Posts: 74
Joined: Dec 2012

I thank all of you for your positive feedback and yes I will take your advise to rest and recouperate,

hydratingly yours



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