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Chemo over ...... at least for now!

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Pamela B
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Thought I was having the rest of round 5 of the IP chemo this week but my oncologist said I should quit for a while, maybe for good.  I felt like hell, and was experiencing some potentially irreversible side effects. He didn't want to exacerbate them.  So he will monitor me weekly and make a final decision in a month.  CA125 steady at 10. Off steroids and finally feeling more human.  How long does it take for your hair to start growing back in?  I think I feel stubble on my legs.  Never thought I would rejoice at that!

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From chemo..hair should start coming in a few weeks. I hope you have a nice month off and maybe you will start to feel good again. I know IP chemo is very rough. You done good. Hoping your markers stay stable.....Val 


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I hope your numbers stay down and you can enjoy the summer.  Five months after my final chemo three years ago I got my first haircut and it looked "normal."  I went in just to have it shaped but it ended up looking like it did before.  I have a great hairstylist.

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So glad you have an excellent number.  My oncologist told me that a person's hair typically starts growing back one or two months after the last chemo treatment.  Mine started growing back about five weeks after my last treatment and about two months or so after that, I felt my hair was long enough to go hatless. 

Take care,



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The first things that grew back on me were my eyebrows and lashes, and a black hair sprouting out of my chin... I was even happy to see it! The hair on my head grew back slowly with the front part almost bald for several months. It was also white and grey...I guess I'd been coloring it for so long I didn't relaize how grey I was, or the chemo scared all the color out. Now, after 14 months, I have a full head of hair but the front part is still really short and fragile. I had been told that hair grows back different from how it was; but in my case, the texture and curliness is the same. Darn, I wanted staight hair!!

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That's funny that you wanted straight hair because I was hoping for dark and curly and it came back white and straight.  Pamela, it takes a couple of months but one day you'll look in the mirror and say to yourself. I'm ready to face the world without a wig or a scarf or a hat and that's a good feeling.  So sorry that the chemo was so rough. but  CA 125 @ 10 is awesome.  We always have to look for the good things.

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Glad to be done
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Congrats on a chemo job well done...  I am very happy for you.  I finished chemo around the end of June. My eyelashes and brows were back by the beginning of august.  4 months to the day of my last chemo which was also my birthday I went to my hair dresser and got a  hair shape up (trim) and stopped wearing my wig.  It was the best feeling ever.  I gotta say, I rocked the Halle Berry look for a while.  Since October I have had  3 more trims(a little more each time) and right before we moved in April I got a full blown hair cut. I took folic acid for a while after chemo(asked once first) but stopped after a few months.  That could of helped hair growth but I have also read it can help grow cancer so who really knows about that because I have recently read folic acid helps to prevent cancer


Happy hair growing.  By the way. My hair came back gray and curly.  My picture posted now was takein at the end of February.


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Hearty Pioneer
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I had my last round of chemo July 24, 2012.  My hair grew back slowly, wavey and very gray.  I have had two hair cuts since then, and it is still slow to grow.  The hair on my legs came in like a palomino horse (areas of dark and white), patches of hair and then patches of skin, and mirror reverse on each leg. Prior to ovarian cancer I would have to shave my legs every day, now it is every 3 days or so...I was most happy to get my eyelashes back, i hated having no lashes. 

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Pamela B
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Do you think Latise would help it grow any faster. I only have three eye lashes on one eye and five onthe othere!  I thought I try a stripe of it on my head for a test case.

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My hair regrowth started 6-8 week after last chemo. 5 months later I stopped wearing wigs and ventured out with my new hair for the first time. It's dark brown and curly, same as it was all my life. I had my first trim and a dye job a week ago.

Eye lashes regrew about the same time as the rest of the hair. I have been using Idollash daily (same as Latisse, only without prescription) and I don't see much of a difference. 3 months ago I had lash extensions put in (takes about an hour and costs about $120).

The only thing I miss from my chemo days is not needing to shave legs and other body parts every day.

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Glad to be done
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I know 3ladies who have tried lattise for non chemo reasons and all 3said it  was crap.



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