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Liver mapped yesterday

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Hi everyone -
I haven't posted in awhile. Returned to work full -time a month ago after neutroponic fevers. Awaited insurance approval for Sirspheres liver treatment which will occur next Thurs. Ct said all is stable but folfiri didn't help my liver. They will do each side 4 weeks apart. Folfiri sure worked on my hair! Headwraps for me - its beyond thin.....
Mapping took about three hours and groin site is sore. Actual injection takes one hour.
I always fall apart after a new treatment.
Heading back to work tomorrow.
Wishing everyone wellness and peace.

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I had SirSpheres in Nov. and Dec. and it went well. Pet in March showed clear liver. CT next week should confirm the liver is still clear. Any questions, feel free to ask. You should feel ok after the treatments......I will be thinking of you. ~ Ann

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I am glad to hear you are moving forward with the sir spheres. Hoping for positive results.

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Steve may be doing this, as well. Please keep us posted. Good luck.


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Absolutely the best(est) wishes for your upcoming procedure tomorrow! 

Can't wait till you tell us it all went as expected:)

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Thank you all. I appreciate your encouraging support so much.
I know I am lucky to have options but I feel I am getting a procedure done almost e/other month or so. Mentally, its wearing me down.
Have to stay strong and get thru next Thursday.
Will post update and thank you all for your support!

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