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And so we begin.....

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My husband had his radiation mask made today- radiation starts tomorrow, one side of the neck x 5 wks.  This forum has been such a blessing For me- a reminder that you all have pushed through and so can we.  So much courage here. Thank you.

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It will be different ,but easy.  It is kind of like making the mask except with rads.

Some let you bring your own music, it was 60’s and 70’s rock for me.

Don’t fight it, just live with it, he will do great.

I did it the easier way I took 1 Lorazapam.


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Best wishes, positive thoughts and prayers on your husband's treatment. May the treatment be successful and he get through it without being affected to harshly by the side effects. 


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The making of the mask takes much longer than the actual daily treatments. Like Matt said, ask if you can bring your own music or if they have some that can be played for you. Just how long does it take you ask....well for me it was just barely over 4 songs! I know that's a very techincal estimation...haha but for me it was my timer.
It won't be bad and at first he shouldn't notice anything except maybe be a little more tired. More than anything you'll feel like you are part of the movie "Groundhog Day", same thing day after day after day after day....
Good luck, stay close and we will help you when needed.

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They will seems like the longest 5 weeks or all time, but then like the shortest.  Rough going, but worth it for sure.  I had to always keep that slim light at the end of the tunnel in mind, not always easy to do.  What was great is that the light became just a little brighter at the very moment I thought it was going out.

Lots of fluids and keep the doctors fully informed of anything tht goes on and be your own best advocate.  If there is a local cancer group consider attending, I waited until after treatment to attend and wish I would have gone during treatment also.

All my best wishes and keep us informed about how it goes.

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My prayers and thoughts are with you.  Remember radiation tx itself is painless its justcthe side effects a couple weeks in that are tough.  Stay ahead of pain,swallow every day,open mouth as wide as he can 20 times at least a day to prevent scar down and kick the crap out of this JUNK!

God bless,


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You got an easier ride than many: 5 weeks and one side only. Time will go by, just take one day at a time. And the time strapped down depends on the technology generation of the linear accelerator used. I timed my treatments and under 10 minutes from laying down to jumping off; others have reported longer times as in number of songs. My are so fast there would hardly be a time to get one song in as the arms swings by in 60 seconds one way then 60 seconds the other, and that is it. good luck. don

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after waiting weeks to get this show on the road it will finally begin.  There's a lot to be said about being an active participant in treatment, than being the observer while everybody pokes and prods...and five weeks will go by quickly.  Also, 5 weeks on one side might minimize the side effects...that would be a great thing!

 Like Matt, I took Ativan everyday, so I basically dozed thru each treatment....and like Billie, I knew exactly how many songs it took to get through the daily grind.  It takes more songs than that just to drive to work Laughing,


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