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Good news and better news..

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My tests all look good .. If I stay on track after my Oct scans etc I will be able tochange to every six months!  Yeah!,


And for better news, there is a 6 year old little boy who has been fighting cancer for the second time, who used up all the chemo rad treatments with no luck.  He was put on one of the trial programs and is in remission!  Which means he can now go for a blood marrow transplant...... Praying for health for this child..... (He has had two kinds of leukemia)

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Thank you for sharing the good news about your scans.

Thank goodness the trial worked for the 6 year old and he is in remisson.

One thing that helped me while going through the chemo on the 1st day was being in the chemo room with young and old alike and I thought if they can do this so can I. 

A 6 year old child really puts things in perspective for me.



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I remember how I would fret over an ear ache with my kids......

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Congratulations Lorikat - and prayers for the little boy. Yes, a child with cancer certainly does put things into perspective.

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i knew it!!!!  congrats for all of your great news and congrats to that precious 6 year old......    prayers work......sephie

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That is great news all around!  Congrats on the good results and the more relaxed schedule on your future follow-ups.  God bless that little boy.  I hope he continues to see good results from the trial and that transplant!

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That is great news! It is wonderful that the little boy is getting better! Children should not suffer!

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Great stories all the way around, Lori!

Congratulations on everything!

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A very emotional trip for sure!  Kinda like life, huh?  The kids just get to me!  The little boy now in remission is actually at Children's in Dallas.  My daughter does drives to swab for bone marrow matches and has become great friends with him.  Last few drives brought about SEVERAL matches....  One a three year old girl....  Her two boys go with her to help set up etc and are learning first hand to help where you can, when you can!  You go girl!!

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