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How's Larry?

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Been thinking about you guys, how are you doing?

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I was thinking the same thing. Hope everything is ok. 


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Larry is up and down. Still dealing with blood clot issues. He is on Lovenox, blood thinning injections. Seems to be adjusting to that OK. He has these terrible dizzy spells however...has fallen several times. Blood pressure is fine, sugar is fine. He has 2 appts this week to try and figure it all out. Seems his energy only last for about an hour at a time if he tries the easiest of tasks. His weight leveled off and he is eating and drinking pretty well. He kind of grazes all day, about every hour seems to work best for him. Definitely has a bit of depression going on, mainly due to his energy levels frustrating him, he really expects too much of himself. I hope all of you and your loved ones are doing well. On a good note Larry celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday, it was a very special, emotional one for our family. Yes Birthdays are good, so thankful. xoxo

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Happy Birthday Larry.  Wishing you continued strength in the days ahead. It's within your reach!

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Tell Larry Happy belated birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday, Larry!    We love to celebrate birthdays around here!



Wishing you the best.


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Happy Birthday Larry!

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This battle is such a roller coaster ride.  I know with Joe it seems like he will get to a very good spot and feel stronger and happier and then there will be a set back.  He spent half of April in the hospital due to a spiked fever which they could never figure out why that happened but in treating the fever symptoms with broad spectrum antibiotics his kidneys began to shut down.  Then they found a blood clot in his left leg so he now takes warfarin. They had to change his treatment plan and eliminate the oxaliplatinum since he wasn't tolerating it.  He started feeling better and even mowed the lawn last week but then blood counts dropped again so we were at the hospital for 6 hours yesterday for a transfusion.  Maintaining an optimistic state of mind is such a challenge.  Joe has fought depression, too.  Some times it was medication induced.  I try to really watch his mental reaction to any changes in meds now. 

Joe turned 66 last February and, yes, birthdays are good.  I think anniversaries of the surgery will be wonderful celebrations too.  I know I am really looking forward to our first anniversay next January. 

Happy belated birthday, Larry.  Keep that chin up.  Lots of hugs and love your direction.

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