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J-tube Removed

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Dad was so happy yesterday to get the J-tube removed. It started to show signs of infection and since he gained 4 pounds since the visit 2 weeks ago the doctor decided to pull it out. I couldn't be happier, my father didn't like the feeling he got in his stomach after a feeding and it was sometimes a battle with him to use it. He's improving day by day, little by little and I'm just so thankful.  The doctor told him yesterday that this is the first time he has had a patient with such determination to get the surgery. He said that with all the setbacks and trouble healing from the other's prior to starting chemo, had him believing that dad wasn't a great canidate. He said he's happy that dad has proven him wrong.  Knock on wood.....he said to date Dad has been one of the quickest patients  to bounce back after surgery with no complications.  With all of that being said,  the 1st question Dad had was "Do you think cancer will appear on my pet scan in July?" I pray that there isn't any, and I hope he will somehow find a way to celebrate the milestones without the thought of cancer, even for 1 day. 

Did you guys wait 3 months after esphogectomy before doing pet scan?


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Joel C
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My first scan post MIE was a CT @ five months.


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My first follow up scan was a CT scan at 5 months as well. I had an Ivor Lewis surgery.

Paul Adams

McCormick, SC

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South Side Steve
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I had Ivor Lewis surgery and my first post-surgery scan was a PET scan at 3 months. I had another PET scan at 6 months, but switched to CT scans after that. My scan schedule is every 3 months for the first 2 years and every 6 months after that for another 3 years. I switched to CT scans instead of PET scan after 6 months because I had false positive readings on the PET scan.


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So glad your dad had his jtube removed! I think all of the parients feel a sense of accomplishment as each tube is removed. As far as scans, I posted earlier on that both hospitals told Larry they would not do any scans the first 6 mos. Very disappointing.

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