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Need some advice

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Ihaven't visited for a while, my husband became very ill and was on life support for a few weeks. Thankfully he is recovering.

I have had to postpone my hyperbaric oxygen treatments and my re-section surgery.

What I wpold like to ask, has anyone ever had a rectel bleeding problem while having a colostomy pouch?

I bleed a fairly good bit every day and when I tell my surgeon,he doe's not seem concerned about it.

Should I be concerned?

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Thanks for any advice you could give me.


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My understanding is that this is normal.


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When I first got my colosomy my rectum was draining blood/healing,and it has to heal from the inside out and it really smelled.It took from august untill the holidays to heal completely.Your doctor should have told you,my doctor had a nurse come by every day to change the packing in the wound.A wound vac will help it heal quicker,but has some drawbacks.I hope this helps,good luck.

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Thanks for the information. No one has ever mentioned a wound vav. to me. I will look into it.

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