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Bumpy Is GONE!!!

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hey friends


good news, last week my port a cath AKA bumby has been removed!!! no longer having that ugly attatchment located in my upper chest. thank you all for your prayer and love


coach mike

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What great news!  I was afraid to read your post, I thought maybe your pet died or something.  We don't have to mourn Bumpy!  Becky

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So glad you got rid of "bumpy"!  What a relief!  So happy for you!!



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Great news, Coach. I don't know how long you have had Bumpy, but it must be such a relief to have your chest back. Hmmm, I think I'll name mine. . .



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Hi Mike,

  You lucky duck! I have to keep mine in for 2 more years. My Onc said they are good for 5 years and as long as mine has a good blood return upon flushing, he prefers to keep it in. I'm totally use to it and it doesn't give me any problems, but that little "bumpy" spot is still a constant reminder that the cancer may come back. Anyways...I'm so happy for you that your bumpy is gone!!! "Yeah"...Sue

(FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age 62)

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So happy you had you Borg impant removed. Still have my dual port - never named it but have jokinly referred to them as my two extra nipples on the right side of my chest :).  Maybe I can name them "Betty and Barney" - from the famous UFO abduction case (Betty and Barney Hill - not the "Rubbles" of Flintstone fame ;).

Hugs - Jim

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