4th week with catheter

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Had robotic RP on April 23; came home with Foley catheter.  Expected to have it removed after 7 days.  Had third cystogram today.  Still leaking.  Doc says nothing to worry about; however, have not heard of anyone having catheter this long.  Would like to hear from others who may have had this experience.  Thanks.


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    4 weeks with a catheter after a prostatectomy is not common. I am surprised for your doctor's "relaxed" way in answering your question.

    Did he gave you a reason for keeping the catheter that long?

    The typical period required to get the V-neck like shape of the bladder sphincter, where the urethra is reattached, is between 7 to 12 days. Some guys take longer but keeping the apparatus too long may lead to defected reattachment and consequent incontinence. Guys that take the catheter too earlier also are at risk of permanent incontinence.
    The important is to be assured that the surgeon did his job correctly and did not cut too much of the sphincter tiny muscles at dissection of the prostate gland.

    Bad things can happen. Here is a link you may want to read;


    Hope you get it out and return to full control of your case.

    VGama  Wink

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    Hello there, I am sorry to

    Hello there, I am sorry to hear that you have had your catheter in for such a long amount of time. My dad also had prostate surgery april 23rd and had a catheter put in. He was supposed to have it taken out May 6, but due to leakage in his case too, it was left in until his next visit, which was this past monday, the 20th. He was finally able to have it taken out. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in having your catheter in for longer than expected. Hopefully yours will get to come out soon, and I think it will. Best wishes.

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    had 13 catheters until they

    had 13 catheters until they figured out i was alergic to latex. never had a problem externaly. just a thought.

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    Catheter Time

    Hello Louie:  Following radical prostectomy the catheter was left in place for a bit over three weeks.  That seemed unusually long to me too, until I remembered that the surgeon and the assistant surgeon made a specific point of telling me in the recovery room and again the next day that the sphincter was beautifully preserved.  I suspected it wasn't, and that was the reason for my 2/3 pad/day drippage issue.  When the AUS 800 surgeon checked the sphincter he showed me on the monitor where the sphincter was damaged during surgery.  I now know that it was not beautifully preserved.   tpelle