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Lucky to be a mom

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I am so grateful to be alive.  I hope you'll don't mind my bragging.  My son is a Senior in High School and we went to the  athletic awards ceremony last week.  In his 4 years of high school he has been a varsity player in 3 sports. been an All District player in 3 sports, been an All State player in Football and was awarded his second athletic All State Academic award.  I just sat there in awe as they talkied about my son.  I am so glad to be alive to see him get all this attention.  I cannot believe he has achieved all of that while dealing with my cancer....


I have had a happy mother's day....and am so grateful to be a year NED!!!




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We must all enjoy and revel in the good things that come our way. Rick.

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Ann, U R so blessed to be able to experience this with your family. Now onto college graduation, and whip knows, even Grammy. My two sons are 21 and 23 and I was able to coach them and run our youth, select and HS Ice Hockey and Lacrosse programs. I'm battling the beast again and just moved to Austin TX one week ago today, and love it. I hope I get a year or two to be a part of this new adventure with my wife.



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D Lewis
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Congratulations Mom, on a job well done!



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That is amazing news! Isn't it great that our kids make us so proud? My son is also a senior in HS and has been playing football and baseball all along in varsity too. He has also played travel ice hockey for as long as I can remember. He recently quit hockey to focus more on senior year and getting ready for college. Since he's stopped playing, many of his past hockey coaches have called and asked him to play again. It's nice to know that coaches want our kids on their teams. At our football banquet I was so touched by the things they were saying about him. I too feel so lucky.
I'm so glad you shared this about your son :-)

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And there is nothing in a world more amazing than this wonderful feeling when your child makes you proud! Enjoy it as much as you can! And congrats on your one year NED! Life is good!!!

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I love reading posts like this! I feel the same way & feel like having cancer gave me a new appreciation for being a momma! My daughter will be 2 in a few weeks & I love it when she learns new things & the priviledge of being here to see that. My prayer is that I'll be around to hear someone else brag on her at her high school graduation plus more! Congrats on a year NED! Prayers for many many more!!

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Awesome on you, your son, and your family....brag all that you like...

And while you are at it, don't sell yourself short on the bragging part either..., you survived a war and brought the battle...Victory...

I love the smell of napalm in the morning..., ummm, I mean radiation and cancer cells being blasted..., LOL.


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I love the smell of napalm in the morning...,

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What an awesome acheivement for your son and you for the young man you raised to still succeed in times of trouble. He will be an awesome husband and Father someday because of parents that lead with such an example!

Congrats on your sons acheivents


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Loved being a mom.  We had to wait 10 years because of fertility issues, finally adopted.  We have a son and a daughter.  Being a grandma is even better if you can believe it.  If I knew how much fun it would be I would have skipped the parenting!  Oh, I guess we have to parent before we get to be grandparents.

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