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Agent Orange in the News

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Agent Orange exposure linked to deadliest form of prostate cancer in Vietnam War vets.

Please click on the link above for the story.




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Most of us who have prostate cancer are really aware of how agressive it is..minemetastisized as sonn as it started growing in prostate.  Sure I am not theonly vet with this.  VA says exposure to Agent Orange metastisises as soon as it starts.  Like mine did.other vets on this site have multiple problems from it.  I have systemic heart disease, alot of vets have diabetes, plus the others.  Neuropathy is another great disease.  

Appreciate the ior will not being negative, but I really know how agressive this is.

Sorry for being down, but started having seizures yesterday.  Really freaky.  Youworry about falling and breaking something.  Weird.


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Beacon, thanks for the link. If this is correct, I guess watchful waiting is not a very good option for us Vietnam vets. Mike, sorry for the aggressiveness of your cancer.  Athough my kidney cancer (not on VA's "approved diseases" list but an application for disability is in the works anyway) and my prostate cancer (application also in the works) seem to have been caught early, I can emphathize.  In addition, I am pre-diabetic (although I am slender and nobody in my family has had diabetes).  I have a serious esophagus condition that can lead to esophogeal cancer (also not recognized by the VA).  My wife gave birth to a stillborn baby with spina bifida in 1971, a time when Agent Orange would have been thought of as some strange sounding soft drink.  Although I can't prove my issues are AO-related, I am pretty sure that I can thank my Uncle Sam and his pharmaceutical buddies for much if not all of these health problems, as can the many thousands of sick vets fortunate(?) enough to be still alive.


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Hello everybody, I have been awol for awhile. Yes this news is all over the Vietnam Vet sites on Facebook. The good thing was the study was done at OHSU and the Portland Orgeon VA. OHSU is a good teaching and research hospital. I go to OHSU for skin cancer problems. Watchfull waiting on us Vietnam vets can be a problem. My doctors are still confused with this on me. My psa is elevated 2 1/2 years after surgery. Doctors cannot explain this, but will not accept AO , now maybe they will. I spent 18 months in Vietnam, in the III corp area one of the most sprayed areas. Just thought I would post.

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Hey, thanks government. About to turn 62 and hoping for 63. My ticker having problems, they found another tumur next to my spinal cord. The diabetes is hard to control. Peripheral Neuropathy is like storm inside my body. The medicine's are out of control.

I was

Shot at and miss, and s**t at and hit.

Good Article

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WISH I KNEW HOW TO GET AROUND ON THIS WEB SITE!!!  i KEEP BUMPING INTO INTERESTING  SECTIONS.  ANYWAY,  I spent about six months in Vietnam in I core area and developed prostrate cancer and had prostrate remove about 1 1/2 years ago thro the VA and have had no VA problems. Have had leakage and am having a AUS installed in July. VA wants to reduce my disibility to 40% from 100% (really seems too high) but I have it under dispute for now. I really don't have any other health issues (yet?) and just incontent and inpotant but I guess I can live without sex altho they VA sent me a vaccum device to create an eriction but I'm not really liking the instructions that come with it.  There is also an inplant that can be done but I'm not sure that would be worth it. Anyway I wish all you the best and Hope that all I get is what I have. 

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Va can only lower your rate to 40%, if the cancer was local to the prostate and had not escape to any other area's Also what your gleason score at the time then they remove the prostate.

All the these other conditions like incontent and inpotant are a effect of the cancer and the removal of the prostate, which can get you some compensation up to 30-40%.

These toys to help you with your sex life is a joke, move on in life. If they remove to much muscle, you can still hold hands.

God Bless and good luck


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