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recurrent cc

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I was dx 1b1 back in oct after rh a positive node was found so i had chemo and radiation along with internal radiation had my first follow up last week and it is already back in vaginal cuff. I go for scans tomorrow and am scared to death i just cant wrap my head around it. Has anyone experinced a recurrence this fast?

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Hi Tparchery,

I am sorry that you have had a recurrence.  I was diagnosed with 2Acc and went through radical hysterectomy and chemo and radiation.  I had a scan two months later and there was a tumor in my lung.  I was shocked.  That was last July.  In November I had another scan and there was still the tumor in the lung and another one in the abdominal wall.  I had them resected and went back on chemo.  I just finished my fourth round and will be having another pet/ct in a week.  Got my fingers and my toes crossed.

If you have a central recurrence with no other evidence of disease you may be able to have a pelvi extentuation in order to cure you.  Has this been discussed?  Carbo/taxol is a chemo that is pretty standard for this type of cancer.  I wish you well and hope that you get through this with ease.  Good luck.  Let me know if you have any more questions.

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I feel am  going down  that same  path  with the pain I am in am worried .  Hope  you  are  cancer clear CC I  allways   read  your  posts you are an inspiration to me. Praying  you get  treated  quickly also Tparchery  and  the  out come  is  good ..... fingers and  toes crossed  here also  hugs :)

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