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Path report not what I was hoping for

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Just came from the hospital. The news is that they've found 2 tumors of different types. One is IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma), that one was seen on us and was biopsied to get a diagnosis. The other one is ILC (lobular invasive carcinoma) and the doctors had no clue it was there. If I haven't opted for mastectomy, it would likely stay there, and spread forward. I've just read on the net that this type is very hard to diagnose because it can't be seen on mammograms and ultrasounds. ILC spread to sentinel node (metastatis is 1 cm long), so I will have another surgery next week to remove all the nodes. Plus I will most likely have chemo, it's not oficial yet, but my doctor thinks I will have it. The not so bad part of this is that both tumors are 100% hormone positive, I just don't know about HER2 yet. Grades of both tumors are 2.

This really knocked me down, I became totally speechless. How the hell I got two different tumors? Have any of you experienced something like that and what does it mean? Should I opt for mastectomy for the second breast as well? I've read that lobular cancer can be bilateral at the same time. I've called doctor back and he agrees to reconsider that later, after this surgery.

Ah, bummer. This is definitely not what I was hoping for.

Take care, Carmen

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I am sorry Carmen.  I had a lumpectomy and my path report had 2 types of breast cancer on it.   I am ER and PR + and HER2 -.   I have read that sometimes bc isn't found on a mammo or ultrasound and that is why a MRI is done.  Did you have a MRI done also?  I had a MRI before my surgery to make sure there wasn't any more bc in either breast.

I understand how disheartening this is and I am wishing you good luck and will be praying for you.

Hugs, Noel

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I don't have any experience with two different types of cancer but I just wanted to send you a big 'HUG' because I think you could use it right now.  I'm not glad that you have these cancers but I'm very happy that yours doctors were able to find it so they can get busy treating it.  We are here for you so you will never be alone in this battle.



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I'm sorry to hear your news.  Part of it was mine, too.  My surgery was May 15th last year.  I had IDC and ILC in one mass, which looked like a jelly fish w/tentacles.  It was 1cm, stage 1 and stayed in the duct, clear margins w/no node or breast tissue involvement.  Lobular is hard to find, but the radiologist saw a white cloudy figure on the ultrasound and took a shot at what he thought it might be.  He'd had a recent finding like mine.  He was 100% correct, and I opted for a bilateral w/immediate reconstruction. Nothing was found in my other breast or anywhere else in the cancerous one.  I didn't have chemo or rads but do take Tamoxifen. I was 98% hormone positive. I totally understand the being speechless and feeling knocked down part.  I don't even remember driving home after that biopsy.  Huge hugs to you, Linda      

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I had  ILC with 1+ node in left  breast on biopsy but opted for a BMX because my Mom had  different types of BC in each breast. My mammo showed my right breast clear, but path report came back with LC in situ. This is precancer so I was very glad that I had opted for both off. I also had one more + node so ILC stage 2, ER+ PR+ HR-.  I had 4AC and 12 Taxol with 35 Rads. It was tough, especially the AC for me, but doable. I'm 3 years out from surgery and have some residual lymphedema and neuropathy and chest is still sore/spasmy especially with lots of lifting as with moving boxes etc. It's annoying but livable. Really thankful and have no major complaints. Go with your gut feelings on this too, besides medical advice. Good luck and prayers for you. jojo2

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I am so sorry for your news Carmen.  Good luck to you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I am so sorry for your news Carmen.  Good luck to you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Megan M
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I don't know anything about lobular bc Carmen, but, I also had 2 different kinds of bc.  My onco and breast surgeon recommended a lumpectomy for me and then rads, which I had.  My sentinel node was clean, so no chemo. 

Sorry for your news...

Hugs, Megan

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Hi Carmen

I had a lumpectomy and my pathology report showed 2 types of cancer; DCIS and ILC. My mammogram was not very clear but the lump was better seen by US. My oncologist said that before I start chemo, I should have an MRI because ILC can be bilateral and he wanted to make sure that the mammogram and US didn't miss any other lumps in either breasts. Thank God the MRI was all clear. 

After that I had 4 rounds of chemo T/C -the last one was 8 days ago-. ILC is pretty difficult to catch, but one of the 3 imaging techniques will catch it -usually MRI-. Good Luck to you Carmen.

Take care, Faith

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I am so sorry and send cyber hugs.

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I had both ductal and lobular invasive carcinoma in my original path report.  I am now over 18 1/2 + years.  Lobular can be sneaky because it usually not found in mammograms.  In those days sentinen node was not invented yet, so I had level 1 lymph node dissection with positive nodes along with a mastectomy.  

Point is, I am still here...

Best to you on this journey that no one wants to go on.


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Lots of prayers and hugs!

Lynn Smith
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I had a lumpectomy and no chemo or radiation.It was DCIS non invasive.BUT last year my sister was dx with cancer in each breast.And 2 different types.One was IDC but the other I'm not sure. She had a double mascetomy and just a couple weeks ago had reconstruction.She's doing fine but told her doctor and nurse the size she has now is what she had in the 4th grade.She thought she would at least have a C cup. no comments from the  dcotor or nurse.

I asked my oncologist about 2 different types of bc in each breast.She told me they see it maybe in 2-3 percent of their patients.That's a very low percentage 

My sister's tumors were Stage 3 and Stage 2.

Wishing you the best and please let us know what you decide.We're all thinking of you.I wish I could tell you what is best  but I just know what my sister did.But both breasts were involved and a double mascetomy.

Lynn Smith

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I'm so sorry and am sending you lots of big hugs!


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Thanks for all nice words and hugs, I really appreciate it. I haven't had MRI yet, and doctor mentioned it yesterday when I've called him. But first we are doing the surgery and later we will decide what to do with my left breast.

Hope you all have a nice day, it's sunny here and I am just planning to go to a walk in the woods. Today I feel like I was hit with a hammer yesterday and need some fresh air.

Take are, Carmen

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I am so very sorry about your news. 


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I have know experience with this but wanted you to know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Keep fighting we are all with you.

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You're in my thoughts and prayers Carmen.

Hugs, Jan

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Hi - infiltrating lobular in one side, mastectomy.  Breast reduction in good side found early lobular in the taken away material.  So second mastectomy a month later.  Lobular i feel best to go bilateral, your decision.  Tell us how everything goes.  Good luck.

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 I think I am not going out on a limb by saying none of
us ever wanted to be HERE~ battling with and talking about Cancer. It has
affected so much of our lives, as you know only too well.

Wish that I had The Magic for us all....but of course, I do not. I hope that
venting and being so brutally honest was cathartic for you, and I for one am
pleased that you feel the safe haven of this room to do just that. If this place
isn't the true definition of support, I don't know what is. 

Strength, Courage and HOPE.

Vicki Sam

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Sending lots of huge cyber hugs to you!

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So sorry.  Sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs!

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The comments about ILC not being easily seen on mammograms are interesting to me, as that was not the case for me at all.

I was diagnosed in 2009 with 3 IDC tumors in the right breast and 1 ILC tumorin the left breast.  Each of the tumors was only about 2 millimeters in diameter, and all (including the ILC tumor) were found on my first baseline mammogram (I had just turned 40).  

I remember looking at my mammogram films myself months later (I had to hand carry them across the street to the radiation center), and seeing that ILC tumor clear as day on the films.

I'm not a medical professional of any kind, but my own personal feeling is that locating breast tumors may be as much (or more) about where in the breast it's located, rather than ILC vs. IDC.


Lynne P
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That's interesting Traci about yours showing up on your mammogram.  You might be right that it just depends on where they are located in the breast.


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Kristin N
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Wishing you good luck Carmen.

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Thinking of you



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